Get what you want by going after your dreams

Hello, everyone, 

Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about dreams and how we do yourself a disservice  by only dreaming and not doing. 

The other day, I was talking to my mother about life. A man she knew recently got a check in the mail; the check was over five hundred dollars.

The man was so excited he took the check to the bank. A few hours later, the money was deposited in his checking account; the man and his wife were very happy.  The next day, the money in his account was gone!  Angrily, the man called the bank demanding an explanation.

The bank told him it was a scam; the check was no good. The man was devastated. He took a hit to his pockets. The man was embarrassed. He felt stupid, he didn’t check to see if the check was real.

You can’t wish for what you want 

He hoped the money was real, he had wished for this scenario to be real. He wished he could be rich! He had thought money could fall from the sky and his dreams would become a reality. 

That story stuck with me…..

You know, there is a difference between those who want it and those who wish for it. I believe this man was so desperate to be rich, that he thought an unknown check in the mail would be valid. This man wanted to be rich, but he didn’t want to work for it. Since he didn’t want to work for it he actually DID NOT WANT IT.  Wishing for something to be real is a fantasy not a reality.  

Those who wish for things are not those who want it. They haven’t even started dreaming yet. Wishers are stuck in the contemplating stage. They are not committed to changing, they might want it, but they don’t put the work in.

Going after your dreams takes work 

Have you ever caught yourself saying this: 

I wish I could do this.

I wish I could have that.

I wish I could lose weight.

I wish I could sing.

I wish I was rich,

I wish good things would happen to me.

These are stuck aspirations.   Spending your time wishing things could happen instead of making things happen, is one of the worst things you can do.

Don’t get it twisted, dreaming is fine, but what are you doing to make your dreams reality!  Don’t waste your  thoughts by  opportunities by wishing time away.

Newsflash, there is no genie in a bottle; there is no fairy godmother…

We live in the real world. Where taxes and debts rule. If we take a look at the definition in Merriam Webster, the word “wish” is the desire for something unattainable.

Okay, so let me get this straight:

We wish for what we can’t have. What can’t you have? Write that down. Is it unattainable? 

Remember, You can’t  wish for things that are literally impossible! Follow me with this, you neither can wish for things that are possible! 

Do you get what I’m saying? 

You don’t need to wish for it because it CAN happen. There is a high possibility that your goals aren’t wishes, they just haven’t been reached yet! 

Don’t be stuck in the wishing stage!

*The difference between wishers and those- who-want- it is not that different. Those who want it, I call them dreamers. To break this down, I will substitute the word dreamers for those-who -want-it.*

Quotes to live by:

“In the real world, nothing will drop in your life for free.”

“Nobody is just going to hand you a check for fifty- thousand dollars and say “here you go, start your business.” No, you have to prove to them that your business can not only benefit them, but that, it can make money!”

“Fat just doesn’t come off your body because you tell it to leave. I wish. You have to change your diet, eat less, and  exercise more. You have to put in changes to make change happen. You got to believe deep down. “

Dreams and Wishers both use their imaginations, but one makes their imagination  thought, the other a vision. Dreamers have visions. They plan by making short-term and long-term goals.  A dreamer works smart and efficiently, because they know their dreams are attainable. When they know their dreams can be achieved  it will become their reality.

Do you want it

Listen, do you really want it to happen? If so, you must be willing to go out and do. You must be willing to do the work. Dreamers do, they aren’t limited by fear or circumstances, in fact, they let fear drive them to success!

Dreamers may not be the richest people on earth, they might even be poor, BUT, they are in the process of leveling up. Ambition is a good word for a dreamer, but it is more than ambition, it is the refusal to remain stagnant:

  1. Dreamers are not sitting on the sidelines and wishing! Wishers are spectators.  Spectators spend money to watch people earn money.
  2. Dreamers have two skills that everyone needs: faith and commitment. Dreamers know they will achieve what they want because they really believe in themselves.
  3.  Dreamers are  committed, no matter what anyone says, they keep moving forward, reshaping and redrafting plans.
  4. If plans fall, a dreamer might take some time off to revamp from negative and toxic people or to work on self-help and self-love.
  5. Dreamers surround themselves with better people who can provide them with constructive criticism molding them for the next level.

Separate yourself from the pack! 

In order to achieve goals, a dreamer knows they have to constantly make new connections and self-reflection. When you decide you want to do something like, lose weight or get a scholarship, you must put yourself out there. If you want to lose weight, do things that are necessary for weight loss: buy diet and fitness books, join fitness classes, walk on trail, join cross fit, whatever you do, put yourself out there!

When you constantly make new connections and self-correction, the people you used to surround yourself with will detach themselves from you. There is a reason why wealthy people hang out with other wealthy people, it not only makes them better it holds them accountable! You must surround yourself with people who are better than you or who are on the same level as you.

If you don’t have those types of friends, join groups on Facebook or groups at your community center, volunteer at an organization, or start doing yoga etc. This is not the time to be an introvert. Look at it like this, you are becoming social to make your dreams work, you don’t have to change your core self, just add to your personality to become sociable.

Become a dreamer, a doer, and a go getter 

Dreamers never stop, dreamers always do and always go get what they want. Even if you achieve what you want, you must be able to maintain it. When you lose weight, you must find a regime, a balance, that keeps your weight steady. The maintenance in weight loss, is the same maintenance for everything else. You must find the balance to keep your dreams continuing.

Don’t wish, you will lose- thefitsavvycoach

Post updated 3/7/2021

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