Enlighten Ice Cream the good for you ice cream

Happy Monday all,

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I sure did, I spent my weekend coaching girls basketball, eating, and trying new foods and snacks. I love trying new foods, but this weekend I had a bit of a sweet tooth.

I didn’t want to go overboard, so I decided to ask my boss, who is on weight watchers, how does she feed her sweet tooth without going over her point allowance. She told me about an ice cream and ice cream that is so satisfying and creamy that you wouldn’t believe how better for you it is ( it is not Halo Top). It is Enlighten ice cream, the good for you ice cream.

I’m going to be honest, ice cream isn’t my favorite sugary thing, I am a pastry kind of girl.  Besides, ice cream is too sweet for me. I wasn’t sold on Enlighten until I saw the nutrition facts. For one serving, which is about a half of a cup, Enlighten contains less than 7 grams of sugar and about 6 grams of protein.

When I saw that info, I figured I could try it. But when I found the ice cream contains less than 500 calories per pint,  I ran to the grocery store to purchase!

Is Enlighten ice cream good as well as healthy?

Y’all,  this ice cream is actually good! It isn’t like other ice cream that is marketed as healthy. You know what I mean? The ice cream that taste like flavored water or flavored ice.

I am so happy that I bought this brand. This ice cream is so freaking good and very creamy.

I got the Strawberry Cheese Cake and let me tell you, I can see myself being a loyal customer. Warning, before you eat it, you need to leave the ice cream out so it can soften!  After you do that, you can enjoy the velvety goodness.

OMG, just thinking about it makes me want to buy more.

Why I love it

I love this ice cream because it isn’t too sweet. I have tired plenty of “healthy ice creams” and dairy-free ice creams. They are all way too sweet, the texture is off, or the ice cream is too icy.

I want a healthier version of ice cream, I do not need all the added sugar and sweeteners. And if I want ice cream it better be creamy.

Good ice cream consist of this:

Ice cream should be soft and creamy, a ice cream scoop should be able to roll through the cream without any problems. The ice cream should be a little firm to, to hold the sphere shape.

Enlighten ice creams texture is spot on especially when you allow it to soften, that is what makes it good.

The last reason why I love this ice cream is because, I can splurge without going over my daily allowance of calories, sugar, and or carbs. So it is great for me.

I really do enjoy this ice cream, but I still have to enjoy it in moderation.

Here’s to alternatives and substitutes.


Post updated 3/4/2021 

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