I tried a 24 hour Juice Cleanse: Here is what happened

I don’t know how this happened but I decided to try a 24- hour juice-to-dinner-cleanse.  I was hesitant to do this cleanse, because I get hungry a lot and always I need something to snack on. Snacking is my kryptonite.

If I had to choose between chips and salsa or salmon and potatoes, I am picking chips and salsa. I have done a smoothie cleanse before (left me bloated) but a juice cleanse? I didn’t know if I could be disciplined enough to commit.

Taking the Plunge: What is a juice to dinner cleanse?

Typically, a 24-hour juice cleanse is where you are drinking vegetable and fruit juices for an entire day without any solid food. I have thought that was a bit too extreme for me and my lifestyle.

Thank goodness that I have a friend who is completely understanding and also a healthy guru, she was able to reassure me that I could do it. We decided to do the juice to dinner cleanse at Juice Keys.

Total price

Their juices are fresh, cold-pressed, and organic. I think they have the best juices in Raleigh, hands down. The cleanse comes with 4 juices, 2 shots, 1 energy ball and a salad for $66.00.

The price might sound alarming, but when you think about it that is a lot for whole unprocessed food. Check out the photos below: 

The 24 hour juice timeline 

5:42  am: wake up and get ready for basketball practice 

5:35 am:pee 



During this time, I drive about 20 minutes to practice- practice last for  about two hours. I wasn’t hungry during this time but I didn’t want something to snack on.



8:15 am:  practice is over drive to work (45 minute drive) 




9:05 am: “feel the beet” juice it is really tasty, yum

9:45 am:   finished the juice feel pretty good- juice was sort of thick  

10:35 am: hunger pain hits min the tummy drink- 15 oz of water 

11:00 am:  Pee

11:17am: drink 15 oz of water- feeling pretty good

12:34 pm:  “pearlicous”very tart- didn’t finish drinking it 

12:40 pm:  Pee

12:50 pm: finished drinking “pearlicous” my dumb butt forgot to shake it- now it taste great 

1:00 pm:– 15 oz of water

1:18 pm: I am scrolling food pages on Facebook FML- looking at tasty vegetarian and food blogs 

1:29 pm:  Now I am scrolling dessert pages: I haven’t had chocolate in two days- I am dying 

1:35 pm:  I feel a little bit nauseous already hahaha

1:55 pm: bathroom run (pee, of course)

2:21 pm:– first flatulence – actually there is a lot of flatulence- I hope no one can smell me 

2:44 pm:- watch a vampire blood video yuck- I feel suck- I can’t believe people are drinking human blood 

2:45 pm:  OMG I have to pee

3:13 pm: So much flatulence

Halfway point

3:29 pm:  taking the shot of Jalapeno, Lime, Mint, and Pineapple Dang that was slamming! 

4:07 pm: I feel satisfied almost full if you will

4:17 pm: I need water, feeling gassy- I am passing gas every few minutes

4:59 pm: PEE

5:00 pm: 15 oz of water

5:38 pm: I feel confident- I am doing great- surfing the web for other juice cleanses, detoxes, and teas- I think I can do a full juice cleanse and I think I can kill it!  

5:43 pm:  I am thinking about Avocado, with that being said there is a salad I have to eat, I will eat that at 6.

5:49 pm: I am hungry- I want to eat now, but dang I have to take that Aloe shot -and that taste terrible

5:55 pm: salad and aloe vera (aloe vera taste like crap!!!) but salad wow, the best salad I have ever had!!!! 

6:10 pm: PEE AGAIN

6:43 pm: I’m hungry 

6:48 pm: looking up pizza joints- I have been craving pizza for awhile

6:50 pm:I want pizza

7:11 pm:PEE

7:20 pm: I need something warm- when I go home I will drink some tea!



Driving home from work

Almost done with the cleanse


7:53 pm: “Orange Vitality”

8:34 pm: Pee 

9:00 pm: green drink about 4oz

9:20 pm: peppermint tea

9:30 pm: raisins and pecans and walnuts (I needed a snack) 

9:42 pm: raisins ( I needed some more)  

9:45 pm: bowel movement

10:15 pm: Pee

10:23 pm: Yoga 

11:00 pm:  PEE 

11:15 pm: water with a magnesium supplement and sleep 

How would I sum up my 24- hour juice cleanse?

 I think this cleanse was pretty legit, I felt super refreshed, but I was already doing the 15-day- water detox so I think that helped me as well. I would do this cleanse again and I hope to extend my cleanse to at least three days or longer.

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Updated 3/4/2021

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