Review: Good Belly Straight Shot is high in probiotics

Earlier this week, a co-worker gave me a Good Belly probiotic oat drink. Probiotics are the “good for you” bacteria and yeast. They keep your gut and digestive system healthy. Probiotics can also treat symptoms such as leaky gut, IBS, and other related gastrointestinal diseases.

You can find this “good for you bacteria” in fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut, and dark chocolate. I especially love kombucha and dark chocolate; I make sure to have them weekly.

Good Belly offers a full day of probiotics in their newly released straight shot probiotic. Scroll below for the full review.

At a glance

The probiotic shot comes in a small plastic container (Good Belly urges consumers to recycle when finished). The container is about 2-3 inches tall. It reminds me of the containers that hold jelly and pudding.


The labels say Straight Shot is USDA organic, Vegan, Dairy-Free, and Non-GMO. It isn’t a gluten-free food, but they do have gluten-free flavors. *I don’t think it is made in a gluten-free facility*


My co-worker gave me the plain oat flavor. The shot is drinkable, the same consistency as nut milk. Not too thick. Thick enough to coat your tongue.


The flavor is slightly tangy but tart. It reminds me of plain yogurt, but with a punch. The aftertaste is a tad bitter.


-copied and paste the ingredient list from the label of good belly website

Does it work

This product isn’t a one-time-thing kind of thing. To see results from this product you need to take a shot once a day for a specified time for results. According to their website you can take their 12-day reboot challenge. Drink one shot a day for 12 days to fix your gut.

Is it healthy

Foodeducate gives GoodBelly Straight Shot a grade B.

Would I purchase again?

I would buy this product if I was doing a full-fledged review, other than that, nope. I’ll take kombucha instead, please.

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