5 reasons a plant-based diet can lead to bad health

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Now that I have said that, I feel like I can breathe. People assume vegans are healthy because they don’t consume meat or any animal products, but it is not true. In fact, any diet you choose can lead to bad health if not planned well. Vegan and plant-based diets can be bad for your health, if not planned correctly and if you aren’t eating WHOLE FOODS.

I personally know many vegans and vegetarians struggling with their health. When I started this plant based journey, I did it all wrong, but I didn’t give it up. I tweaked my diet to make the food changes I needed to keep my health in check. Below I have 5 reasons why a plant-based diet can lead to bad health.

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Too much “faux” meat can destroy your health

I have a love and hate relationship with “faux” meat products. These meat products are highly processed and aren’t healthy at all. Many of these products are marketed as healthy, but it is better to eat meat than this stuff!

I try to limit my consumption of “faux” meat products to once a week. I’m not going to lie, I will eat the heck out of some soy protein nuggets, but I try to avoid it, because soy processed foods aren’t health foods. Moderation is key.

If you have problems with your gut, stay away from methylcellulose! This stuff is found in plant based meat products such as Beyond Meat and the impossible burger. Methylcellulose if you are sensitive can lead to stomach pains and diarrhea.

You don’t eat enough

After I took fish out of my diet, I was always starving. I didn’t eat as often as I did before nor did I eat nearly as much. When you cut meat out of your diet you need to supplement it with high protein plant-based alternatives. Protein keeps us satisfied and strong.

You are grain-based and carb-based

A lot of people say they are plant-based, but what they mean is they are grain based. Vegetarians are pasta crazy, we love carbs! But not all carbs are good carbs and not all grains are good grains. White pastas, breads, and rice aren’t nutrient dense. Eating too much grains can lead to face blemishes and breakouts, gut problems, obesity, and diabetes. There are plenty of snacks that are vegan but they are also made with refined (processed) grains. It is best to eat grains with plenty of vegetables and proteins and it is best to have snacks in moderation.

You eat too much diary

Not all vegetarians avoid dairy (like me), I don’t think dairy is a bad thing, but I do see the arguments against it. I believe in moderation, but I also believe you should cut back on dairy. My first few months of vegetarianism everything I ate contained dairy. It was so bad I had phlegm constantly and my face was covered with pimples.

You aren’t getting enough Nutrients

There are some horror stories on the internet about vegans not getting enough nutrients. There were many former vegans who suffered from vitamin deficiencies and a whole other problems. If you choose this lifestyle, please research and please plan accordingly.

The bottom line with plant based diets

Diet alone will not leave you with optimal health! And any diet can be bad for you! With any diet or lifestyle you choose, make sure you have adequate time to prepare your meals, minimize processed foods, eat nutrient dense foods, and drink plenty of water.

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Post updated 3/1/2021

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