Chobani’s drinkable yogurt now has dairy free flavors

Happy Hump day!

Can you believe it is Wednesday? In two days it will be Friday. I am excited. I got a lot to do this weekend and I wanted to squeeze in a food review before my schedule hits me in the face.

Recently, I have cut back on dairy. I have been sampling dairy free yogurts. This week, I tried Chobani’s non-dairy strawberry drinkable yogurt. I usually don’t go for dairy-free yogurts, but a little voice in the back of my head said, “Try it.”

I am glad I did!

Chobani’s non dairy drinkable yogurt at a glance

There are nine different flavors of the non-dairy drinkable yogurt. I chose strawberry, because it was a safe flavor. I have tried other non-dairy yogurts and strawberry is the only flavor that is forgivable for me. The problem with many non-dairy yogurt is the texture and the awkward flavor of plant based proteins. Be careful though, sometimes plant based foods are just as bad for you as their animal based counter products. Always read labels!


The taste is delicious! Seriously loving the flavor. Chobani has the flavor profile right: tart, acidic, and mildly sweet. It isn’t as sweet as other drinkable yogurts which allows the shine of the strawberry flavor to come through.

It is coconut based. I couldn’t really taste the coconut flavor; I am used to coconut based products. If you don’t like coconut, I would try a brand that is almond-based or soy based.


The texture is a tad thicker than traditional milk. It reminds me of almond milk. I think the texture is spot on! Good job Chobani.


I think the company could have used a different based. There are a lot of people who don’t like coconut and who are allergic to it. Maybe pea protein based would have been more suitable.

The Price:

It cost about $2.79 per bottle. Dairy drinkable yogurt is a whole dollar cheaper!


If the price went down 50 cents yes. I would only buy this if the product is on sale.


This product is relatively high in sugar: 7 grams per bottle and low in protein 1 gram per bottle. I do not think it is healthier for you.

FITSAVVY TIP: When looking for dairy substitutes look for substitutes that are a good source of protein and lower in sugar.

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Post updated 3/1/2021

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