Types of people who will sabotage your fitness journey

In a perfect world, your people will support you on your weight loss and fitness journey. They will give you tons of tips and good advice. Your loved ones will be there to catch you when you fall and celebrate when you are soaring high. You would never suspect your friends to sabotage your fitness journey, would you?

I can’t think of anything worse than friends who sabotage their friends! If you find yourself alone in this quest, don’t fret. It is better to be alone than be betrayed. Before you begin your fitness journey, make sure you surround yourself with love and support.

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Why do friends sabotage

There could be many different reasons why your friends will try to prevent you from losing weight. Maybe they fear you will outgrow them. Or perhaps, they are just plain jealous! You don’t need any Negative Nancys by your side in your fitness journey. Avoid those people who don’t want to see you better.

Surround yourself with people who want you to be GREAT and avoid those who want you to stay the same. Below I have a list of types of people that will try to sabotage your fitness journey.

Misery Marie

The Misery Marie’s of the world are hard to spot. She disguises herself as your accountability partner but she is actually your arch-nemesis. She projects her insecurities on you and is self-conscious about anything and everything. She is the one who is smaller than you but complains about how “fat” she is. While she is with you, she is fishing for compliments. You might hearsay, “Oh my god, this makes me look like an elephant,” when she actually looks like a giraffe.

You think you are being a good friend by telling her “you look fine” or “you aren’t fat at all”, but all you are doing is feeding into her self-centered ego. What she is doing is causing you to doubt your body confidence and in turn, you might start speaking negatively about yourself (Don’t speak negatively about yourself all you are doing is causing self-doubt)

This woman is not your friend and she must be avoided at all costs. You don’t need anyone who is miserable, because remember, misery loves company.


If you have Complaining Chad on your hands, you are in danger! This guy will ruin everything you have worked for. Chad complains about everything. He thinks dumbbells are too heavy. He thinks working out is too hard and he finds healthy food disgusting. He will pressure you to fall off your wagon more times than you can count. Now don’t get me wrong, Chad is fun, but he is immature. He doesn’t have any regard for your boundaries or your goals.

This guy can be dangerous because he will guilt you with the ole “you only live once” mumbo jumbo. The truth is he is lazy and wants someone to enjoy being lazy too.

To get rid of this guy tell him this: I don’t want diabetes,Chad!

Jealous Jessica

Jealous Jessica is usually a close friend, coworker, or someone in your age group. This woman is seething with jealousy. Y’all have been friends for quite a while and know each other pretty well. You guys aren’t besties, but both of you do share common interests and common traits. Jealous Jessica doesn’t start off as jealous. At first, she is thrilled with your decision to get healthy. She may offer to do it with you, but deep down she knows you won’t stick to the plan and that feeds her happiness.

Jealous Jessica doesn’t show her jealousy until she sees your results. She might say things like “you are getting too skinny” or “men like thicker curvy women, not a stick”. She thinks you are losing weight because you are trying to find love. She never stops to think you are doing this for yourself. She may even cross the line and say, “you look better bigger” or “you look younger when your face is more round”. Don’t be moved. This chick needs therapy.

Jealous Jessica clings on to the worst parts of you because she finally found someone that has flaws like hers or flaws worse than she’s. She doesn’t want you to leave her. So, as soon as you declare you are going to become better, she will accuse you of being a bad friend.

How to get rid of her? You don’t. Whatever she says, let it fuel your drive! Pretty soon all eyes will be on you and she will have no choice but to keep her mouth zipped.


Food lover Fred is a lover. He doesn’t sabotage you intentionally. He has no malicious nature but he is often clumsy with his memory. Food lover Fred loves food and he loves to try new foods with you because (ding-ding) you love food too!

The problem is Fred loves the bad stuff. Fred loves milkshakes, donuts, chips, greasy pizza, endless chicken wings, etc. He doesn’t care about weight gained or lost. He either has a dad-bod or he is overweight too. He doesn’t see the point in eating healthy, but he wants to support you the best he can. But the problem is he doesn’t know how to.

Before you decide to ditch Fred, have a sit-down. Tell Fred you love hanging out with him but you want to lay off the heavy food. Share your fitness journey with him. He will respect it. Keep him around when you need a cheat meal. Fred is a good guy so he will pick places that are healthier and he might even join the gym with you!

Too Healthy Tammie

Too healthy Tammie can be very intimidating. She is either a workout/fitness guru addicted to protein shakes and bars or she is a former athlete/ personal trainer. Tammie is very outgoing and knows fitness like the back of her hand. But the issue with Tammie is she thinks everyone knows about health.

Tammie can be good for you or bad for you depending on how much of a diva she is. Tammie is the type that doesn’t eat anything that will knock her off her carbs/fat allowance. She is super strict and often too strict.

She may make you feel like you aren’t doing enough and she might make you feel like you aren’t good enough. Tammie thinks she is helping you, but she is overpowered and controlling. You want to be happy, not the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How to get rid of her? You may not want to get rid of Tammie completely, but you do need to set some boundaries with her. Tell her your goals and tell her you to respond better with a different type of motivation. If she takes heed, keep her around. If she doesn’t drop her like it’s hot.

Types of Friends who don’t sabotage.

You want to surround yourself with people who care, people who are genuine, and people who want to see you better. These types of people want the best for you and will offer you the tough love you need and the encouragement you have been looking for.

The takeaway

Weight loss can be scary alone, but remember that you are not alone. If you don’t have family and friends to support you, you can find support systems online, via Facebook/Facebook groups and or online communities. Join a friendly gym or a fitness boutique, I am sure you will find people you are just like you, a little nervous and need support.

*Post Updated 1/22/2020*

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