Have you tried CBD oil bath bombs? You should

Recently, I stumbled upon CBD bath bombs. Have you heard of CBD oil? If you haven’t you have been living under a rock! CBD oil is the biggest trend of this year! CBD is said to have many health benefits including but not limited to pain, anxiety, insomnia, and neuropathic pain. It can be applied directly to skin or taken orally!

They even have edibles and chocolates infused with CBD oil. CBD bath bombs are bath bombs made with CBD oil.

For the past month, I have been committed to taking a bath every Saturday. Lately, my muscles have been sore and haven’t been feeling relaxed. I spoke to my sister and she suggested I begin taking baths with Epsom salt. I’m not a take-a-bath person, but my sister swears by them.

CBD Bath bombs are better than Epsom salt

I didn’t want to soak in Epsom salt. I wanted the full bath experience: luscious bubble bath, essential oils, music, and bath bombs.

In the past, I have suffered from anxiety and chronic pain. Currently, I do not take CBD oil or use it, but I wanted to give these bath bombs a try! I took a bath this past Saturday and the bath was heaven! Saturday night bath time is my favorite time! 

lavender and eucalyptus

Where to buy?

I bought my CBD bath bombs from a local Hemp store. The downside to buying locally is they might be sold out of bath bombs or they might not have your desired strength. The one that I bought has 100mg. You can buy these bath bombs in many different strengths:

  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg
  • 150 mg
  • 200 mg
  • 250 mg

If you don’t have a local CBD oil store, you can buy at these online stores:

  • www.kushqueen.shop
  • www.lifeelements.com
  • www.joyorganics.com
  • www.hdryokitty.com

Does it help with pain

It helped soothe my muscles; I felt an overall sense of relaxation more so than I have felt with other bath bombs. I am not sure about pain relief. There are some people that swear it helps pain, but I didn’t have a strong enough bath bomb to tell if my pain went away. Below I have copied and pasted CBD bath bomb reviews.

What is the price?

The bath bomb is pretty pricey, it is about $15-$20.00 per bath bomb. Find a company or a store that will allow you to buy in bulk to save.

For you next bath, try this


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