7 excuses your personal trainer wants you to drop

Oftentimes, clients don’t realize how much it takes to change their lifestyle. It takes more than exercising 3x a week for 45 minutes.

It takes you–your discipline and sheer will power. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Anybody who has been through this journey, knows it takes commitment. Every personal trainer will tell you the biggest thing sabotaging your fitness goal is your excuses and justifications.

Losing weight is no joke and getting fit is as hard as ever! Trainers don’t expect you to become the next Mr. or Ms. Olympia! What we expect is your 100 percent. Your 100 percent of course depends on a million different factors, but the factor that never changes is you showing up.

If you want to reach your goals, you must DROP THE EXCUSES. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth. When I say drop the excuses I mean the petty ones and the ones that stem from poor self-worth and the l-word.

For this post, I reached out to some personal trainers (friends of mine) and these are the excuses we all agree you should throw in the trash and that will sabotage your fitness journey.

“I Don’t have time.”

“I hate that one the most! Because people make time for things they want to do. So..just say you don’t want to do it instead.”

Amber, college track star, certified personal trainer.

“Most people are on social media for at least 10 minutes or more a day and within that time you could have did a short exercise,”

Quintina, Health Coach and fitness model.

“I don’t have time for the gym…No bro it starts in the kitchen.”

Chris, Keto Follower, 100 lb weight loss

“I Don’t eat a lot.”

“Sometimes, people lie to themselves about their eating habits. They claim they are eating right, but they aren’t. ”

Andre, Business owner of Sharper Edge Fitness.

“Personal training costs too much.”

“For members that I don’t train, they can’t because of time and money constraints , but after breaking down the mental barriers it’s the fear of the unknown.”

Yasha, Personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness.

“I got too much stuff to do.”

“My clients would text me numerous reasons why they can’t make training: work schedule, children, and homework. Some have said they are afraid of going to the gym alone. Um….lack of motivation, money, time consuming, or sometimes laziness.”

Izona, Certified Personal Trainer/Aerobics Instructor.

“I can’t do meal prep.”

“A lot of times, people will cheat because they feel like they don’t have to time prep meals,plan out the week etc. It is one of the worst excuses because it can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to prep food for the week. I just figure they don’t want it bad enough, because you make time for things you want,”

Michelle, workout guru, physique competitor

“Healthy food IS too expensive”

“The main one I hate is healthy food is too expensive and it takes too long to prepare. A bag of mixed nuts at Food Lion is $5.00, has a good mix of nutrients (compared to fast food), and is quick. Eggs are extremely good nutritionally and fairly quick and cheap,”

Patrick, keto follower

“Working out is too hard”

” I kid you not, I have met 80 year olds who train for marathons and do yoga, if you are mobile you can move,”

Brandon, vegan and health activist

Final Recap:

Listen to your personal trainer, try to be fully present during your workout, stay committed, and please drop the excuses.

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