Chick-Fil-A’s Mac and Cheese comes up super short

I finally tried it. What did I try, you ask? I tried Chick-fil-A’s new mac and cheese and it surprised me.

The buzz behind Chick-fil-A’s latest menu item is everywhere. I mean Chick-fil- A is arguably the best fast-food restaurant on the planet and then they go and add mac and cheese??? How dare they…. 

In my opinion, they did it just to show everyone they could.

I’m surprised that McDonald’s hasn’t tried to add mac and cheese on their menus (do not get any ideas Ronald). Anyways, I tried the stuff because social media is raving about it. It is the best-stuff-on-earth so they say. And if social media is buzzing about something, best believe it is serious.

The Review

If you are expecting to have the best mac and cheese in the world I need you to lower your expectation to fast-food quality. Now that we are there, the mac and cheese is pretty good. If I were to give it a grade, I would give it an A.

The noodles are cooked perfectly–they weren’t chewy neither were they clumped together or crunchy. I hate that. The dish was creamy and comforting. I couldn’t really taste any particular cheese. No edgy sharp cheddar or smoky gouda to remedy my acute cheese craving.

The cheese on the top was at mac and cheese standard. It had the golden brown color we all strive for. The biggest let down is the mac and cheese is not baked and you do notice the difference. Everyone knows in the South, stove-top mac and cheese could never!

Why I gave the mac and cheese a B-

Chick-fil-A’s mac and cheese is a B-. This is not cookout worthy mac and cheese and it definitely isn’t homemade.

Since I already ranked Chick-fil-A King of fast-food, I was hoping their mac and cheese would be sharper and saltier. The taste is flat, only slightly better than Kraft.

I believe Chick-fil-A could have had “slap your mama” mac and cheese, but they need competition. See, when you are at the top and there is no one else there, you settle for mediocrity and your product is lack-luster. Chick-fil-A’s mac cheese isn’t as memorable as their waffle fries and that is where they fall short.

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Post Updated 2/26/2021

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