9 signs you should pursue a career in group fitness

I never planned on working in the fitness industry, it kind of just happened. My personality along with my sports background made me the perfect candidate to become a group fitness instructor. 

As an athlete, I always used exercise to get in shape for a sport. I never considered it as a career. There were so many signs that I should pursue a fitness career, but I was hesitant. Now that I’m in the industry, I ask myself, “Why the heck, didn’t I do this sooner!”.  

I love what I do! I love the rush I feel after I lead an amazing workout. I love the fitness coaches I have met.  And when I’m motivating people to do One moreeee crunnnnch, I feel like the female Billy Blanks.

I know there are people out there: former athletes, gym fanatics, and bloggers, that are thinking about pursuing a career in fitness . My advice for you is to go for it!

If you have a passion for fitness or eating healthy, start your career. If you need a push, below are 9 signs that you are group fitness material. 

You love to Workout

Have you ever experienced runners high? Did you like that feeling? What if I told you, you could feel that every time you lead a group fitness workout?! Now that I have your attention, how does it sound getting paid to work out? If you can’t miss a gym session or if you must do squats everyday, why not make it a career? 

Helping others makes you feel good

Fitness instructors are all about helping people. We provide a service. We help people look and feel good. Our job is to upgrade our client’s and member’s lifestyles from unhealthy and sedentary to healthy and active. We educate. We guide. We help people thrive.

You are team oriented

Since I left basketball, I have missed team culture. There is something magical about being a part of a team; you are one. A team is family, there are moments you will cherish forever. We push each other to do better and if one of us is feeling down, we build each other back up. 

Food makes you happy 

If you are a foodie or feel food is life, then you should definitely become a fitness instructor. Hello, you can workout for free!! Imagine never paying gym fees again. Eat all the food you like and work it off right after! What a dream. Who counts calories anymore? I sure don’t. 

You want to meet genuine people

Healthy people are happy people. Have you ever worked at a place where everyone is grumpy, angry, or agitated? It is no secret, many people hate their jobs. I guarantee if you take the plunge in the fitness industry, you will meet people that love what they do and that energy will transfer to you.

You have big energy

As a kid, I was known as a wild thing– bouncing off the walls, downing cans of soda, sticking chewed gum in my hair: I was crazy. As I became a teenager, I did a lot of sports. I could run without tiring. My high energy helps me teach; most group fitness instructors are exercising right along with our clients. 

At the same time, we are motivating them, talking, and controlling the tempo of the class. It’s tough, but your energy is needed to motivate others.

Giving out high fives and fist bumps is your way of communicating

High fives and fist bumps are much cooler than handshakes. When you are in the gym, communicating and connecting with people is easy. For members who have high stress jobs a high five is just what they need to get through their workout and it makes their day. 

You want to be yourself

This is a personal thing for me– you might have experienced this as well. In certain careers, you can’t express your true self (Medical field excluded). My last job had an infamous dress code: no visible tattoos, no leggings, no crazy hair dye etc. As a fitness instructor, I can wear what I please!

*Fyi, I do love the business casual and professional look, but not everyday*

You like Experimenting

When it comes to group fitness, nothing is off limits. There are many types of group fitness classes out. You can teach dance classes such as Zumba, Body Jam by Les Mills, and Jazzercise. If dancing is not your thing, you can teach military style boot camp training. 

If you are a workout fiend, try teaching Cross fit, get a job with Orange theory, or try teaching Hiit Interval training. If you want something more sporty you can teach cycling, boxing, kickboxing, and rowing. If none of those are your things, you can also teach yoga or Pilates. Possibilities are endless.

Fitsavvy’s tip: before you can teach a group fitness class you must be CPR certified and have a group fitness certification from an accredited institution. Some group fitness classes require more certifications than others. Check out https://www.nasm.org/ for more info!

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Post updated 2/26/2021

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