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*For this product review, I did receive money in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

My skin is relatively dry and super sensitive, so annoying! It is hard to find products that can tame my dryness without being greasy; I have dry skin spots on my shoulders, forearms, and shins. And, my skin gets angry when I use essential oils (even with a carrier oil), scented lotions, and fragrant soaps. If I do not use sensitive laundry detergent, my skin will break out in rashes or hives– you do the math, my skin sort of sucks.

I am very careful when choosing skin products though. I buy sensitive brand soaps and lotions. Now that I am a vegetarian aka plant-based-crazy-woman, I try to be mindful of the products I use. I want skin-care and hair products that are good for me and good for the planet. I found some great skin-care lines that embody what I am looking for.

Ancient Cosmetics is more than a skin care line

This week I was grateful to try a new skin care product! I tried Ancient Cosmetics’ Dry Skin Double Butter. So what is Ancient Cosmetics???

Ancient Cosmetic’s is a handmade vegan product line. Their handmade line includes products for skin, face, body, hair, and feminine products. They also sell African art/culture pieces. I got a chance to try their double butter body cream and I was pleasantly surprised.

ncient Cosmetics

Double Body butter for dry skin

When I first saw this product, I thought of something homemade. Instant FitSavvy points. To me homemade products means the company cares about its customer base. Quality is always better than quantity. Right on the edge of label it says Handmade in the USA. More points! And to add more cherries on top this product is made without sulfates, parabens, gluten, DEA, Synthetic Color, and it is not animal tested. Can the Vegan Church say Amen?

This body butter reminds me of buttercream frosting; It is super thick and velvety. It smells phenomenal, like cocoa and roasted chocolate. I had a small urge to either eat it or put it in my hair. I never use butter for my skin I always thought it would be too oily. In this case, my skin absorbed it right away. Compared to coconut oil, the body butter wasn’t greasy and it didn’t leave an oily residue. *It is best to use right after a shower*

You don’t need much of the product. I would say, a quarter size amount for your arms and two quarter size amount for your legs. Ancient Cosmetics recommends you to use this product twice a day and I wanted to. I have been using this product for 5 days and I already notice a difference in the feel of my feet, the driest part of my body. I do have these two dry spots on my shoulders that agitate me. The body butter claimed it down a little, but it wasn’t long lasting like my feet and legs.

Did it make my skin soft?

I have mildly dry skin and I will say it made my legs, feet, and bum feel soft and subtle. However, I need to use it longer for the dry spots on my shoulders. Honestly, if I had severe dry skin, I would test it out for 30 days. I don’t think the 5 day test would be appropriate for such claims. If I had to estimate, I think it could help dry skin. I will keep using and update this post.

Would I buy again?

The body butter cost $12.00. I think I would use it again. I can’t wait to see what my skin will feel like in 30 days. I’m excited! So far I give this product 4 stars. I have so much more products to try! Check the link

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Post updated 2/25/2021

*After I finished using the jar the parts on my shoulder were still dry* 

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