Purposeful Living – Take Good Care of Yourself

Everybody has goals! That is what the New Year is about, achieving your goals, planning for success, and reaching your potential. But rarely do we take time to take care of ourselves!

Some of us are so rushed to be successful we forget to take it easy and give ourselves a break. Time waits for no one. If you don’t take time for yourself now, your body will take time out for you!

Set out time in your schedule to take care of you!

Though I had a great 2019, I found myself exhausted. I was tired. My time was spent running errands, teaching classes, driving up and down the road, and etc. If you are busy all the time, chances are you will become burned out. And busy doesn’t always mean productive. This past year, I took care of my job, my new business, my body, but I didn’t take care of myself!

My stress levels sky-rocketed especially when I suffered an injury in late October. That stress caused me to go into overdrive. I couldn’t enjoy anything, because of my constant worry so I filled my time with busy work instead of a time out. It wasn’t until yesterday, I realized time spent worrying and working doesn’t leave room for happiness.

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My grandmother on happiness

Yesterday, my grandmother and aunt came to my mother’s house to spend time with my sister before she leaves for Spain. I didn’t get to spend much time with them (I work on Sundays), but the time we did spend together was special.  Grandma Kitten is 88 years young. She can sing, walk, and drive. She is literally the happiest person on earth and one of the kindest people I know, sometimes too kind. I love how simple her life principles are: faith, family, and love.


I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I do admire my Grandma’s steadfastness. I believe in a higher power, but unfortunate circumstances have shaped my life. Because of it, I find myself blinded with ambition and drive. I sometimes forget to live in the moment. The time I should be enjoying, I am consumed with thoughts of the past and angst for the future. My grandmother always manages to find the right words to tell me to ease my mind. Over the years, I have developed a sense of faith, but not in a “Godly” sense. I have gained faith in myself and I think that is the most important kind of faith to have.


Family is thicker than water, they say, but family isn’t always blood. I put friends in the family category because of our bond and the love we share. Family shapes us (good or bad) in the people that we are today. My grandmother’s love for family has been passed down to me.

Although my definition of family is different, we share the same sentiments. Family (support and loved ones) is everything. I surround myself with people who share my values and goals. They are my family as well. Even if you don’t prescribe to your own family, you can always choose people to be your family.


Love is the most powerful force in the world. When you have experienced unconditional love, it will change your life. When it comes to romantic love, I do have conditions, but when it comes to myself, my love is unconditional. I find the more I pure into myself, the more I radiate with love and shine and I can love others with healthy boundaries.

The Take-Away

What are your life principles? Do your life principles cause you joy and happiness? Are your principles in line with your lifestyle? Are your life principles keeping you in your purpose?

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