Planet Fitness New Commercial Gets it Wrong

Have you seen the latest Planet Fitness commercial? If you have, can we agree on how awful and completely untrue it is? Their latest commercial pokes fun of the absurdity of cycling instructors.

According to Planet Fitness, cycling instructors are divas and so are their members. If you are a newbie and aren’t working hard, they will hiss at you! Sounds funny.

Dear Planet Fitness, this isn’t the 1980s. I’m looking at you sideways. Group fitness has changed over the years. We are no longer screaming muscle heads using fitness to punish people. We are motivated instructors coaching our members to success.

The messages you are sending about cycling studios are that they are ‘exclusive’ (cliquish) and ‘you can’t sit with us’ vibes. This marketing strategy is textbook fear mongering. C’mon if you have a great product, you shouldn’t have to discredit others.

Oftentimes, fitness scares people! I meet many people who haven’t started their health journey because they are afraid. This fear prevents them from being a better version of themselves! And we as fitness gurus, instructors, studios, and gyms are contributing to that fear. The gym and the studio is a place to relieve your stress and get a good workout in! A commercial like this may prevent people from stepping foot in a gym and in Planet Fitness.

The Fitness Studios Stereotype

Planet fitness comical approach to marketing focuses on the negative stereotypes of the ‘gym’ and ‘gym archetypes’. Are these stereotypes true? They are to some degree, but the fitness industry (group fitness) has and will continue to evolve.

I am a group fitness instructor that teaches at two amazing group fitness studios. All fitness levels are welcomed; we promote inclusivity and positivity. I’m lucky to know cycling instructors who are fun, inclusive, and compassionate!

We as instructors know it takes courage and guts to do something that you have never done before. As a group fitness instructor, I can assure you we will not hiss at you! Instead, we will cheer, give out high fives and fist bumps, and we motivate in more ways than one.

Gyms vs. Studios what should you choose?

Before you choose a gym, consider this. Does your current gym offer you a workout plan? Does the workout maximize results? Is there an accountability program at your gym? Can you progress in your workout? Does your trainer know when you aren’t feeling your best? Are you having fun while exercising? Are you crushing it every time you work out? If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions, you have found your fitness haven.

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