5 Tips to Managing Digital Wellness

When it comes to keeping fit, we are surrounded by different technologies that play a powerful role in how we keep fit and healthy. These technologies can impact our health and fitness, but also can impact mental health negatively. On one hand, there is fitness technology that measures our heart rate and etc and on the other hand, we have technologies such as social media that can play on our insecurities and self-esteem. Both play a role in our digital wellness.

In this post, I want to look at our health and our digital wellness and ways we can find a way to balance technology with our health. Below are five tips to help you maintain healthy digital wellness.

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1. Take a Break from Technology

It is important to make the point here that technology is not by any means bad for us! There are so many benefits to us managing our digital wellness. Taking a break is not to suggest that we should get rid of our digital devices.

You should nonetheless, get into the habit of taking a break from technology throughout the day. If you work in an office and sit at a computer all day, do not take your lunch break at your desk!

Get into the habit of going for a walk to stretch your legs and loosen up your back. Take a quick walk up and down the stairs to give your legs a quick boost of energy. Likewise, take a break from the computer to grab something to drink like water or tea.

2. Avoiding Mental Insecurity from Social Media

As a fan of social media and as someone who uses it often for my business, there are many positives with social media. The issue though is that it can become very easy to begin to feel insecure.

It’s essential to understand that the perfect life and body do not exist. These lifestyles presented online are created rather than real.

Photo editing packages such as Photoshop can easily manipulate images. Likewise, the world traveler who paints the perfect picture of incredible sights does suffer from the same issues as the rest of us. This is often not the side of their own life they choose to highlight.

If you find any social media platform that makes you feel agitated, insecure, or anxious, stop using it. There are many other social media platforms to choose from.

3. Do Not Get Drawn into Pointless Debates

It can be incredibly easy these days to get drawn into pointless debates online, on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It is very rare that we can change someone else’s viewpoint. Indeed, the result tends to be we become frustrated and agitated within ourselves and for no positive gain!

Instead of debating online, use social media for beneficial measures. Develop positive social interactions. Network and build relationships. Promote and brand your business.

4. Notification Madness

One simple mistake that costs us a lot of wasted time on devices is pointless notifications. Notifications are what we call push notifications. This is when messages push to your smart device because you have agreed to receive notifications. Only agree to receive notifications that you need.

Also, take a look at your email inbox, are there mailing lists you need to unsubscribe from? Subscribe and get notifications from subscriptions that you use! Ever so often, do a digital declutter, like spring cleaning from your home.

5. Use Basic Mindfulness in Your Digital Life

The basis of mindfulness is the fundamental idea of ‘experiencing the present moment’. At the same time, you are aware of everything involved in that experience. You are aware of touch, smell, and sound around you– as you use and as you do.  Applying this idea to digital wellness will improve your mental health.

Let’s dive into digital mindfulness a little deeper. Have you ever been to a concert and noticed you or someone else was more concerned with videoing than the actual performance? At a recent comedy show, I noticed a lady in the front row doing this very thing. She wasn’t invested in the experience.

Or what about this, when you are walking in a city is your head buried in your phone? When you do this, it isn’t safe but you are also missing out on the world around you.

Living in the Present moment

Many of us have lost touch with mindfulness. We miss out on experiencing the moments in our life as they happen. Our focus has become focused on social media. Social media has made it appear documenting and sharing moments are more important than experiencing it.

The next time you are at a live performance or walking somewhere beautiful, and are about to check your phone, ask yourself if you need to.  Because you might be better off living in the moment.

About the Author

Dr. Valeria Lo Iacono owner of Symonds Training

Dr Valeria Lo Iacono has taught in a number of universities worldwide and is owner of Symonds training and writes about well-being and wellness training. Valeria lives in the UK and also loves to dance and travel.

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