My Go To Vegetarian Meals: What I Eat in a Day

The number one question that I am asked as a vegetarian is…. *drum roll please*

What do I eat every day If I don’t eat meat?

The answer is quite simple, just like you I have my go-to meals which happen to be vegetarian. Food is my center being literally my everything. Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be boring or dull, in fact, it can be quite flavorful and delicious. There are so many recipes that are plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian. You don’t have to settle with salads, I sure don’t. My meals are filling and hardy and not to mention, I cook all my vegetarian meals at home and I never have a dull/bad meal!

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Killing the Myth

Myth: If you are eating good vegetarian meals, they are bad for you.

Truth: False, many plant-based and vegetarian meals can be healthy as well as delicious.

Myth 2: Vegetarians have no variety in their food choices.

Truth: We have a lot of variety in our meals. We eat pizza, tacos, waffles, meatless bbq, lasagna, stuffed peppers, sandwiches, gyros, stir-fries, stews, and soups.

Myth 3: All vegetarians eat soy and tofu.

Truth: There are many meat substitutes available that do not include soy or tofu (e.g.) seitan, tempeh, mushrooms, jackfruit, beyond meat crumbles, etc.

Myth 4: Vegetarians don’t get enough protein or B vitamins in their food.

Truth: Actually, we do! Many vegetarians eat eggs and some of us eat dairy which provides us with our nutrition needs.

Now that you know that vegetarian food is nutritious and delicious, check out my go-to meals below!

Egg and cheese sandwiches

Egg and cheese sandwiches are a lifesaver! This meal was my go-to meal at the beginning of my plant-based journey! When I am super hungry, I can easily grab a sandwich anywhere or cook one up myself! And you can mix it up! When I make these things at home, I use the best cheese and bread. I find that aged gouda cheese is the best cheese for sandwiches. It melts perfectly and has a nice nutty flavor. I have also used Old Croc extra sharp cheddar and aged Havarti. When it comes to bread, I pick a French loaf or a multi-grain bread. To make your egg and cheese sandwich healthier, take out the yellow from the egg, substitute cheese for avocado, and add tomatoes if you like too.

Pasta and Noodles

Any type of noodles is delicious to me! I love how Asian food is accommodating to us vegetarians. You can do amazing stuff with noodles! I know pasta gets a bad rap for diet gurus, but I find pasta fuels me and fills. I eat pasta and noodles 5x a week, I’m not kidding. It is easy and cheap to make! When it comes to both pasta and noodles, I use as many vegetables as I can for sauces and add-ons!

*Having a good marinara sauce is key for becoming a vegetarian. Sauces will send your food to the moon! Remember, it isn’t the meat you miss, it is the flavor.


Rice and pasta are the same way, but I use rice for the main dish and the side dish. Stir-fry over rice is a fan favorite. When I need some extra protein in my rice, I add peanut butter with soy sauce and ginger. I also use rice in my soups and stews like, for instance, vegetable stew. You can also add rice in tacos or pair it with superfood quinoa.

Rice dishes:

Mexican Rice

Spanish rice

curry rice

rice and chili beans

peanut butter rice

jollof rice

vegetable rice


I know many people have mixed feelings towards tofu. I get used to it too. But if you have tofu cooked the right way, it is a game-changer! I have mastered the freezer-method which will make your tofu meaty in texture. I also found that tofu in sandwiches is so good.


If mushrooms are on your list, they should be a grocery store staple. Even when I wasn’t a vegetarian, mushrooms were still always on my plate. Mushrooms provide a meaty texture and the flavor is incredibly earthy and savory.

There are plenty of mushrooms to choose from. Baby bellas are good for pasta and portabella is good for sandwiches. My personal favorite is black trumpet mushrooms.

Why are my go-to meals as a vegetarian so starchy?

My go-to meals are starchy and feeling because I work out a lot. Because of my job, I need carbs! Most people will tell you to avoid carbs, but I will tell you to Carb On!

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