My 90-Day Collagen Review, Thicker, Stronger, Better

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Sorry, I didn’t post last week. I needed a week off for some headspace. Doing group fitness full-time is tough. I am always tired! I have been taking collagen for the past 90 days to help me recover. Did you say collagen? Aren’t you a *vegetarian? Yes, I am. However, teaching 6-8 classes (on top of doing my own exercises) became exhausting.

I also have been suffering from pes anserine bursitis, a nagging injury for months now. Someone close to me suggested I start taking marine collagen. “Give it 3 months,” she said. Give it 90 days. I needed collagen to help fill in the gaps in my diet.

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What is collagen

According to the Oxford dictionary, “collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues.” Think of collagen as the superman of amino acids. For more information, click here—>

At first, I was skeptical. I didn’t think collagen could do all these things people claimed it did. After taking the supplement for a few months, I noticed a change in my body. I felt better. My hair looked better and my joints leaped with joy. I started to notice this difference after 2 months of taking the supplement.. 

Collagen Made My Hair thicker

My hair became thicker, shinner, and bouncer. Over the years, I have done major damage to my hair! I destroyed my hair by using harsh chemicals such as dye and by wearing braided hairstyles. Braids can be used as a protective hairstyle, but for hair like mine (fine and thin) braids broke my hair off. Before collagen, my hair shredded like crazy. Now my hair is ‘super glue’ strong!

Initially, I wasn’t aware of the hair growth until I started looking at pictures of myself. I have had people ask me if I was a hair model! By the way, I don’t use any additional supplements other than collagen. I don’t take biotin nor do I use Jamaican black castor oils, or other hair growth oils. Marine collagen is made up of type I and type II. These types are good for hair, skin, and bones.

*Check out my healthy hair journey here:

Different types of Collagen

It made my knees feel better

It took a long time for my knees to feel better. I have had knee surgery before, and that didn’t take care of my knee pain. My left knee feels so great! My right knee is coming along. Along with collagen powder, I am in physical therapy for my knee. If you want something that will take care of your knees specifically, then try beef collagen. I will keep you guys updated in the future!

My skin glowed like never before

As you can tell in my videos and my pictures, my skin isn’t clear. Acne has been my arch-nemesis since college days. I have used every product under the sun and I have also tried eating super duper clean. Prescriptions from the dermatologist weren’t worth the risk. My skin now has a great glow and the right side of my jawline looks so much better.

Marine Collagen

Goodbye, Chronic Pain-

I suffered from Chronic Pain for 2 long years (non-stop). If you read my previous post on pain management, I talked about nerve pain. Nerve pain is excruciating. Oh. My. God. It will stop you in your tracks. Honestly, since I left my job and since I started taking collagen my chronic nerve pain has ceased. I barely have any nerve pain now! Goodbye inflammation!

No more bloat, better gut health

My stomach does not bloat! I used to drink kombucha to make my stomach feel better. After I would eat terribly, or after something I ate didn’t digest right, I drank kombucha. It was like my secret remedy. Now, I don’t drink it as much. In fact, last month, I only had two bottles of kombucha! This has helped my stomach more than going gluten-free.

How do I use collagen?

I take one scoop and add it to water. I let it sit for 30 minutes then I give it a stir. After I workout, I put a scoop in low sugar or sugar-free Gatorade and shake it up. You can add it to smoothies too, but there is a slight fishy taste. Some people say they can’t taste it, but I can.

You can also add it in hummus, dips, spreads, pasta sauces, salsa, etc. For maximum absorption, take collagen on an empty stomach and pair it with vitamin C!

I really break down the benefits in the video below.

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*I still consider myself a vegetarian, before I was one, I was a pescetarian that is why I decided to take Marine collagen*

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