Vegetarians Have More Fun than Vegans

I am a vegetarian and hear me roar! There isn’t a cult following behind vegetarianism, but there should be! Vegetarians have more fun than vegans! I kid you not. As a friend of many different types of plant-based eaters, I guarantee that being a vegetarian is funnier, easier, and less restrictive than being a vegan.

When most people think of plant-based eaters, they have tons of misconceptions. I am here to break the stereotypes of plant-based eating. I chose this lifestyle because I wanted to be healthy and still be able to enjoy food. In this post, I will prove to you that vegetarians have all the benefits of veganism and vegetarians have more fun!

Disclaimer Alert: This post is not advocating for or against veganism. This post is intended for comedic purposes only! This post is also not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or inflictions.

Table of Contents

1. We eat Cheese

Although I am trying to limit my dairy intake, I could not imagine my life without cheese! I am a cheese head so just thinking about veganism is extremely hard for me. Many of the dishes that I love and that are traditionally vegetarian incorporate cheese in some type of way. The cheese alternatives that I have tried aren’t that good and don’t have the texture I am looking for. Vegan cheese is probably the worst invention on earth. Please, vegans recommend cheeses, prove me wrong!

2. Pizza

Speaking of cheese, it is pizza that is in my heart’s desire! Who doesn’t love pizza! Pizza goes with everything and I love everything that pizza stands for. Although I haven’t had pizza in over 6 months, when I want it, I want it ooey, gooey, greasy and cheesy. Pizza alternatives will not do! Cauliflower pizza, no! Pizza with no cheese, no! Humma pizza, you mean pita bread? No! You can’t take anything away from my diet, but don’t take my pizza!

3. Fewer restrictions the same benefits

There are many benefits to vegetarianism. In fact, you can get the same health and weight loss benefit from just giving up meat as you can with being a vegan! Both diets are proven to lower your chances of Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But with veganism, the diet is stricter and it could be more difficult to follow.

4. We are funnier at parties

This is one is so true! I think there are a few vegans out here who are a little looney. I don’t want to bash vegans, but the ones who fit the mold, are truly out of touch with reality. Nothing worse than hanging out with people who stick their nose up at others or who condemn others for their food choices. We all know a vegan who is a vegeangelical.


A crazy nut job who goes around ranting and disrupting the peace while throwing out vegan hexes on meat-eaters.

In a sentence:

When Bob became a vegeangelical he lost his appetite, became crazy, and his wife left him for a meathead. Bob is beyond mad.

5. Restaurants are more adaptable to vegetarians

The restaurant business shows no love for plant-based eating, period. But at every restaurant, you can always find a side-salad, rice, pasta, potatoes, and cheese. I’m not saying those options are delicious, but they do exist.

6. Desserts are no problem

I am very thankful, I don’t have to look at substitutes every time I bake something. I will leave it at that.

7. We aren’t as radical


8. We strike balance

Between the never-ending war of meat-eaters and vegans, you could find us at the peaceful middle along with our friend’s pescatarians and flexitarians.

9. Weight Loss

You can lose weight on a vegetarian diet. In fact, you can lose weight on any diet. However, I have found that eating more vegetables, whole-grains, and fruits helps speed up the process.

10. More easygoing less judgemental

Need I say more! Vegetarians aren’t going to judge you for eating meat. We may say eat less meat, but we aren’t going to throw a hex on you.

11. Ice cream

Honestly, there are good vegan ice creams out there. The problem is they are expensive and full of additives and sugar! Nada Moo has non-dairy ice cream, But $5.00 for a small tub is outrageous. I do believe that ice cream isn’t healthy for you, but it is nice to have something sweet from time to time. For me, I like desserts and ice creams that are a tad sweet not sugar-tooth -sweet.

12. Comfort food

This may be just me, but whenever I have comfort food, I want it to be the real thing. I have tried some vegan mac and cheese and other stuff, but it doesn’t satisfy me.

13. Easier/On the Go

Baby, let me tell you. The vegetarian lifestyle is as easy as Sunday morning. If you don’t have a vegetarian in your life or if you haven’t tried to be a vegetarian, do it! You won’t regret them or it.

Cover photo by Justin Aikin

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