The Best Tank Ever Apparel Review

I’m not sure who said the quote, “When you look good, you feel good,” but I’m sure they were talking about clothes. The right clothes can really make you stand out, and the right fitness apparel can send your workout to the next level. 

I’m an advocate for high-quality clothing and fitness apparel. As a former athlete, I want my clothes to look great, but I also need athletic apparel that will move with me instead of against me.

I need pants that will not ride up my backside every time I jump or squat. And I do not want athletic wear that will rip after a single use! 

Last week, I had time to review fitness wear from two fitness apparel companies- Born Tough and Elite Sports. I am reviewing* the Blue High Altitude Sheer Tank Top ($19.99) and the Black Plain Crossfit Shorts from Elite Sports ($14.48). 

*Disclaimer, I received these products for free (in exchange) for an unbiased and honest review*

Born Tough High Altitude Sheer Tank Top

Back View.


I picked the high altitude tank top, because I love tanks! But this tank caught my eye instantly. The tank is baby blue, one of my favorite colors. The tank top itself is ultra light.

The Style

The cut and style of this tank is DOPE. I love that the color is a light blue, a nice compliment with the sheer fabric. The tank itself gives off fun vibes, but the way it cuts at the waist and at the mid-back let’s you know you mean business! I did a rowing workout, and a squat workout while wearing this tank, and it held up well. Before you wear it, I advise you to put it in the dryer (on a low setting) to get the wrinkles out. 

The Feel 

The tank felt ultra good against my skin. It wasn’t rough around the collar, nor was the fabric material heavy. I sweat a lot, but in this tank I never felt weighted down. I could move freely without the armpit chafing. 


This tank is good quality. There are two logos. One logo is located on the right side of the chest. The other logo is written in white spaced below the lower arm pit cut-out.

My only concern is the written logo of Born Tough may get lost after two washes. The light material may not hold up with the wear-and-tear of working out an everyday use. I don’t know how the tank will hold up in a few years and a few washes. 


I really felt that Born Tough is consistent with my brand and compliments the look that I aspire to achieve. I would shop there again. The only critique I have is that their tanks come in limited colors and the women’s apparel selection is small. I would love to see Born Tough expand and diversify their women’s selection. Now that I have the light blue tank, all I need is the black one!


I give this tank 4 stars out of 5. 

Elite Sports Black Plain

CrossFit Shorts 

I will be honest, I DO NOT workout in shorts! Whenever I wear shorts to do some serious stuff in the gym, I feel uncomfortable! My body type differs from most athletes. I carry weight in my thighs mostly, so wearing shorts has always made me feel uncomfortable.

For these shorts to look good, you got to have some muscles! Thankfully, my quads have come in.  I chose the black shorts, because I wanted to wear something that I could give an honest review about. 

Why the shorts?

Elite Sports’s fitness apparel is for Martial Arts type athletes. I’m in a different area of sport, but they have apparel for CrossFitters. I’m a rower, so CrossFit is right up my ally and I also lift so I felt like I could give a great review for these shorts. I had to go out of my comfort zone with this one! 

The Style 

When they say these are plain shorts, they are plain shorts. These are the kinds of shorts that will get the job done! You need not be a fitness fashionista. What you need to be is that chick who will put 300lbs on the squat rack and crush the heck out of it. 

The Feel 

It took me a while to get used to these shorts. At first, I thought they were too tight and then I felt they were too short and after 3 days I got used to them. I had to walk around in them.

I bought a size large, but I feel like I should have gotten an extra large. They don’t stretch as much as other brands do, so my suggestion is to buy a size up. 

The Quality 

These shorts are made from spandex and polyester. They aren’t going anywhere and my guess is they will last for a long time! 


I don’t see myself buying another pair of these shorts, but.if, I could drop more body fat, then a possibility. I did more working out in these shorts than the tank. With these shorts I did 4 home workouts, and I rowed in these shorts twice on the Concept 2 rowing machine. I think if these shorts stretch more it would be better for those who aren’t elite athletes and most fighters aren’t bottom heavy like me, so that is that. 


I rate these shorts a 2.7 out of 5.

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