How to Crush your Home Workout

Home workouts are now popular again! All my fitness influencers shout for joy! We have been waiting for this moment to shine and give you the best workouts to keep you busy and fit during Social Distancing.

Before I joined a gym, I did home workouts. I grew up on The Firm and Billy Blanks’s Tae Bo. Later I transitioned to Sean T’s Insanity and then I found Youtube. Although I thought these tapes were quite silly and corny, I now see why they were necessary.

Home workouts were created for people who didn’t go to the gym. And now that the gym is closed, we need these workouts and other home workouts to stay active!

Working out at home may not be your cup of tea, but I have a few tips below to help crush your home workout.

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Tip #1. Get Organized

The gym is closed and it is imperative to get on a schedule. Sticking to a workout schedule will help you stay disciplined while holding you accountable. Decide what day (or days) and time you will work out and do it.

The cool thing about working out at home is you control when and how you workout. You don’t have to worry about missing a yoga class neither do you have to rush to the gym before it closes!

Working out at home gives you the freedom and creativity to try new things and activities. Find some space in your house or outside to workout at and get to werk!

Once you are consistent for a few weeks, it will become a habit. Who knows you might work out more now than you ever did before. You may see better results now than you did before and you may find that you are the source of your own motivation.

Tip #2. Limit Distractions

This is easier said than done! I can think of a million pros as to why home workouts are awesome, but I can also think of a few cons–distractions being one of them.

People use the gym to get away (to escape) and to have ‘me time’. But how can you have ‘me time’ when everyone is home! It is nearly impossible.

I recommend you to turn off the TV and the notifications on your phone to limit distractions. Also, tell your loved ones you need at least a half-hour to yourself.

If distractions still find you, choose a time where everyone is sleep to exercise such as early in the morning or late at night.

Tip #3. Create a Bomb playlist

If you are a group fitness instructor, you can attest to this! Good music can help you CRUSH your workout. If you aren’t musically inclined, there are many fitness boutiques that are selling audio tracks to people to use to workout.

You don’t have to spend hours creating a workout playlist you can simply choose from a Spotify or an Apple music playlist. There are many workout playlist to exercise to. Below, I have a playlist for you that will keep you motivated during the heavy lifting.

Tip #4. Dress like you are going to workout

I can’t stress this enough, when you look good you feel good. Please do not work out in your pajamas! Don’t be lazy my friend! Put on your exercise clothes and get to cracking.

When you wear your workout gear you assimilate how you would look if you were to go to the gym. This tip also ties into tip #1. You have to mentally check in so you can be physically present. What we are doing here is getting you into the zone to crush your home workout.

You wouldn’t workout in your pajamas at the gym would you?


Tip #5. Find a home workout you like to do

The online fitness community is vast! The cool thing is if you don’t like a particular home workout or fitness instructor, you can find someone that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Many fitness brands are going online and offering classes and workouts for cheap! Take advantage of these opportunities and find what you like to do. So when social distancing is over you can be ahead of the game.

Are you ready to crush your home workout?

If you haven’t begun a workout out regimen at home it may seem daunting. Trust me, it isn’t! It is really simple! Check out my visual below where I break down these tips in simple and applicable terms.

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