Now is the Time to go Plant Based

I can’t think of a more perfect time to go plant-based than now


When I started my vegetarian journey, I struggled. I documented my struggles on Facebook and on my blog. To my surprise, not many of the vegetarians and vegans I knew had the same struggles I had, better yet, they weren’t candid about them as I was.

I remember feeling like I was the only vegetarian who struggled with giving up meat. It wasn’t a good feeling, feeling alone, but it gave me tremendous insight and discipline.

I learned so much during my struggle period and I still have more to learn about my journey and meat-free living.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has many questions for me in regard to how to start their plant-based journey. I think people ask me this because, I am honest, and I don’t make them feel less-than for eating meat.

Giving up meat and going veg, begins with two things, time and preparation.

Time and Preparation

My main struggle with vegetarianism was that I didn’t have time to cook. I also didn’t have time to do my research beforehand. At that period in my life, I was always busy. The funny thing about anything is if you want something to happen, you have to make time for it.

Since we are stuck at home, we have all the time in the world. It is actually quite a blessing. If we concentrate on what can be done instead of what can’t be done, we will find that we can do in the now.

I believe that we should be productive during social distancing, but I also believe we should use this time to create healthy habits and food choices.

If you are looking to be healthier and happier think of this as a New Year’s Resolution do-over only this time the majority of temptation is closed!

You can cook at home and not worry about excessive calories and sodium in restaurant food. The grocery stores are open, Youtube is up and running, and your kitchen awaits you! Explore your creativity and whip up some delicious meals.

Why plant-based, why now

Why not now? Think about it. You are stuck at home with nothing to do, why not start something new!

Eating more vegetables and fruit can boost your immunity and overall well-being! If you don’t believe me, try it! For every meal that you eat add at least once vegetable or one fruit and see how you feel at the end of the week. I promise you will feel pretty doggone good.

Concerned about the quarantine 15? Did you know plant-based diets can also help you lose and maintain weight? Research has shown that whole foods such as plants and whole grains can keep access pounds at bay.

Even if you don’t want to go vegetarian or vegan, you can still add more plant-based foods in your diet and see results in your mood, waist, and wallet!

During social distancing, we must find ways to stay positive, reduce stress, and save money. I can’t think of any other food group besides vegetables and fruit that we need during this time.

There are many benefits to going plant-based, you won’t know them until you give it a try.



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