Nada Moo

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I didn’t do anything spectacular– I stayed at home with my folks, tried some new recipes, got some sleep, went biking, and slept some more, a perfect weekend. 

Usually, I am always on the go, but I decided I needed to channel my inner home-body and relax! While relaxing, I had some time to make some homemade dumplings and try some delicious non-dairy ice cream!

I am an Enlighten ice cream fan. Their non-dairy ice cream is quite good but expensive. I have had other brands of non-dairy ice cream. Some are too icy (water-like), the others too stiff or way too sweet, but Enlighten does the trick most of the time. I have tried NadaMoo before; their ice cream isn’t too sweet or too stiff, but I always felt it was lacking in texture and flavor. My sweet tooth was never satisfied. 

On Sunday evening, after my bike ride, I found myself craving. I headed to Sprouts (Sprouts and Whole Foods have the best collection of non-dairy desserts) to get some Enlighten ice cream, but it wasn’t on sale. To my surprise, Nada Moo’s had new flavors and my eyes settled on this one:

I immediately thought of Lucky Charms, not the cereal but the marshmallows everyone adores! I didn’t mind trying Nada Moo’s again, after all, it was on sale. As a kid, I couldn’t eat Lucky Charms often ( too sugary for my mom’s liking),but when I did I would pick out the marshmallows and leave the cereal in the bag driving my mother nuts! Those were the days!

I figured Nada Moo’s ice cream would taste similar to Lucky Charms marshmallows and it did not disappoint! This ice cream is an instant classic! The only thing I wish for was a bigger tub. Not only did this ice cream taste amazing, but the texture was spot on and the stardust was the ultimate surprise! Can you imagine diving into creamy marshmallow goodness with little pieces of crunchy candy pieces- a party in your mouth! Confetti, Confetti!

The ice cream is absolutely whimsical. The ice cream itself is fluffy and airy almost like a big soft cloud. I need a company to make rice crispy treat ice cream. I am definitely buying this again and again! And not to mention, one serving contains 12 grams of sugar and 170 calories. Your taste buds and waistline will thank ya!

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