Exercising Outside: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Heat

Interested in exercising outside but worried about the heat or those pesky mosquitoes? Exercising in the heat can be uncomfortable. Your clothes are sticking to you and the sun is cooking you like a pot roast! I know all about these uncomfortable feelings while working out in the heat!

I have been exercising outside for a long time. It is actually one of my favorite places to get in a sweat session besides the gym. I know during this pandemic, gyms haven’t been open! And it has been a struggle to find the motivation to get and stay fit!

Contrary to popular belief, you DON’T NEED THE GYM TO GET IN SHAPE.

You can get in shape anywhere and one of the best places is to get in shape outside. The sun is your friend and it is nice to switch things up for a change. And since gyms aren’t open in some states, then you might as well embrace the outdoors!

I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to not only survive in the heat but to THRIVE.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, here are some tips for exercising outside during the pandemic.

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Tips For Covid safety:

*In some states gyms are not open and others are with limitations. If you are gym is hosting outside classes, follow these tips and CDC guidelines*

Tip #1: Bring your own water! Unless, your gym or group training session is providing water bottles. Don’t drink from public water fountains, open cups, or from your friends. Make sure your water has a closable top.

Tip #2: Bring a hand towel with you to store in your bag or have it next to you. You will be sweating a ton and you need a towel!

Tip #3: I highly recommend everyone invest in their own yoga mat. If you want something reasonable or inexpensive you can buy at 5 Below or Target. 

Tip #4: Bring a mask (of course). Don’t exercise in your mask though! Make sure you are socially distant if you are in a group session. Highly likely, your gym has this covered.

Tips to Stay cool

Dress light (shorts and tanks, please)–

Heavy clothing and long sleeve shirts will only make things hotter! Where clothes that are light but not tight! T-shirts and tanks are a good way to go. A sweaty + a tight t-shirt equals an itch you can’t scratch. Wear comfortable fitting clothes such as shirts, shorts, or biker shorts. Material of shorts should be breathable. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Since it is hot this time of year, drink water before, during, and after your workout outside.

Wear sunscreen

Wear sunscreen for your face and your body. For your face, spf 15 and for your body at least spf 30.

Find some shade

If you are doing circuit training or group training look for a shady option that can keep you cool! 

Be weary of the weather!

The weather is constantly changing, check up for updates on your phone or on tv. The worst thing that can happen is working out and then the rain gets you! Stay up to date with your local weather station. If it is too hot, sit it out.

Tips to stay hygienic

Bring an extra pair of clothes

When you work outside you will sweat more than normal! I mean a lot more than normal. I have made it my habit to bring extra clothes with me especially if I’m outside during the day.

Chances are you may not have access to a shower, so, bring an extra pair of clothes. Being in sweaty clothes for long is uncomfortable and it is not friendly to your skin

Change out of your sports bra

Ladies, this tip will save you from back acne!

Get out of your sweaty socks

Switching your socks or wearing flip-flops after you workout will prevent athletes’ feet.

Wipe it down 

If you are keen on hygiene invest in some body wipes.

The Gear

Wear the right shoes

Invest in some cross trainers! Cross trainers, unlike other shoes, are for various workouts and different terrains. Everybody can use a pair of good cross trainers. 

Buddy up with a friend!

Lacking the motivation, bring a friend to be miserable in the heat with you! And after you can go get smoothies or ice cream!

Bug spray

I highly recommend buying bug spray if you are exercising at parks or running or trials. According to Consumer Reports, don’t stick to natural remedies to ward off mosquitoes, get the good stuff! 

Beating the Exhaustion

Bring a snack or a power bar

Eat after you workout! You will be hungry. Make sure your power or snack bar is high in protein and low in sugar.

Do modifications

Imagine how hard squats are and then inmagine how intense they will be in the heat! When you exercise in the heat it makes every exercise that much more intense.

If you feel beat! Find a modification you can do for each exercise. Modifications work wonders for those who have limitations and those who have recovered from injury.

The Takeaway 

I encourage everyone to try exercising outside at least once in their fitness journey. If you exercise already outside try switching it up! Do some Yoga in the park or some HIIT training at the track. Whatever you do make sure you take care of your body in the heat.

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