Playlists that Make Exercise Easy

Alright guys, turn up the music and let’s get those legs moving!  I got the perfect playlists that you can exercise to.

Listen, exercise does not have to be a chore! With the right playlist, exercise can be fun and easy. When I work out, I need music with dope beat drops, killer climaxes, and hard hitting lyrics.

The music to exercise connection matters. It is the difference between giving it your all and holding back. These musical playlists are tailored for every single type of exercise training.

Music can push you to heights you didn’t think were possible! It is like having a coach in your ear motivating you to go the extra mile. The cool thing about music is that there is something out there for everybody! When I workout, it is the music that drives my coaching method and my workout.

I’m not a fan of ear buds, but I love blasting music over the speakers when I’m going hard. If you are looking for some dope playlist to exercise to, scroll down! I got a few playlist that will make working out feel GOOD. Each playlist is designed to reach your power source! Which is you!

*Playlists listed below do contain explicit content. Listener discretion is advised*

Table of Contents

Playlist for short workouts: The 15 minute workout

Short workouts are good for when your schedule is jam packed! This playlist is designed to get you going and to make things fun real fast.

playlists exercise

Playlist to work your bum

Everyone wants a nice butt, okay! With this playlist, you will be able to sculpt the perfect booty and you might want to dance to this one too.

The AB Lovers Playlist

When I’m working on my core, I need music that is going to keep me zoned in. The rhythm in this playlist will have you pumping out a hundred crunches and 90 second planks in no time, with love of course. <3

Lift heavy and Lift harder

Powerlifters and gym rats everywhere need music that is going to hit! Hard hitting music for hard lifters. Every beat and every lyric matters! It has to be hard and it has to be dope!

Everyday Cardio

This playlist is built specifically for cardio. I find that cardio needs a variety of music matching the heart rate.

Squat it out

Squatting is a functional exercise and with functional exercises you need the right motivation to break your personal best. I love squats because squats are powerful and there are many different types of squats that target the glutes.

The Takeaway

Download these playlist. Workout out to them and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Photo cred: Benjamin Klaver

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