This is What Happens When you Empower Yourself

Welcome to! This post is written by Samantha Popp, a relationship and confidence coach. In this post, Popp shows you how to empower yourself to achieve the life you really want.

I understand how it feels to have your needs and abilities ignored in this dog eat dog world. It’s a challenge to listen to yourself when you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and your abilities.

Instead of believing everything you’re capable of, you give all your love and effort to others and put everyone else’s needs before your own and being burnt out all the time trying to please others.

I would constantly underestimate myself and would accept terrible jobs with awful pay and dated men that treated me like garbage.

If you’re stuck wondering, “How are all these other women doing it and I can’t?!” then I have a solution for you!

I’m going to give you my secret on how you can empower yourself so you can realize everything you have to offer the world and stop hiding all the amazing-ness that makes you, YOU. Both myself and my clients have used this approach and it has created MASSIVE shifts for their personal growth.

My friends ask me how I’m so confident and sure of myself all the time. It wasn’t always like that. I would constantly underestimate myself and would accept terrible jobs with awful pay and dated men that treated me like garbage.

Like you, I understand how it feels to do everything for everyone else and put your needs on the back burner.

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

I don’t mean buying yourself a coffee from your local Starbucks. I mean spend some much needed time and money on yourself. Whether it’s saying no to a commitment so you can rest for an evening, go for a massage, or even buy a gym membership, it takes more

How do you empower yourself

The secret to stepping into yourself so you can go after the life you want is simple and yet so underrated. How you can empower yourself and your true potential is to GIVE YOURSELF SOME DAMN CREDIT!!

That’s right. It’s simple but don’t overthink it. How often do you notice your accomplishments and give yourself credit for completing them? Was your first thought “I don’t know”? Babe, you’re not alone. You’ve never really thought about recognizing certain things in your life but it all makes an impact on the amazing woman you are.

You’ve been taught to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and promotions, but never encouraged to celebrate the little things. If it wasn’t for you acing your English 100 final to bring up your grade and help you pass the class, then your graduation would’ve been put off a semester. It’s every step of the way that matters. Don’t forget that. This is how you empower yourself!

Celebrate everything when it comes to you

You can stop underestimating your abilities and what you can do so you can get that job that you deserve and call in the love of your life that will always treat you right. When you underrate yourself, it only holds you back from all the amazingness that is YOU. I don’t want that for you.

I’ve been there and don’t want you to go down the same dark path. When you give yourself credit for what you’ve done, it opens more doors in the future for you to accomplish.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Sam, I don’t even know where to start!” Keep an open mind. I know for a fact that you’ve got more to be proud of than you think. Give yourself the opportunity to see that. How you do this is to make a list. Write down all your achievements. Big and small. From as far back as you can remember. Allow everything to come out and write it all down. Once you’ve finished and can’t think of anything else, take a moment and look at your list. You did all those things! Yes, YOU! Give yourself the credit that is due to yourself! Recognize it as triumph.

Looking back on everything you’ve achieved, how does it make you feel about yourself?

Now the next time you’re asked a question by a colleague or friend, you’ll be more willing to answer it from that big, bold brain of yours. You can share all that knowledge that’s stuck in your head without all that doubt in there.

You have the power

When you allow for this information to come out and you share it with other people, then you can truly believe “man I really know what I’m talking about.” You will surprise yourself on how much you actually know and how smart you are. Allow for everyone else to see that too by speaking up and sharing your knowledge. You’ve always known how to empower yourself. Now it’s time for you to use it!

You’re on your way to becoming who you really are. The amazing, smart, incredible woman you’ve always been. It’s just now, you see how others see it too. You notice all the great things you’ve done and that you deserve all the success that comes your way. You got this, babe.

When are you going to make time to create your list of accomplishments this week? Schedule it in your phone or calendar to remind you to do it! We live in a society where the days can seem so short so put in a reminder to do it and that’s just the beginning.

         You got this girl! I’m rooting for you! If you feel supported and good to go, GREAT! If you’re wondering what the next step is you can download your FREE 5 step confidence guide here →

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