Thriving in College What you Need to Know to Stay Healthy

Being healthy in college is a hard thing to do. The key to staying healthy is eliminating stress and finding support! Everything else will fall into place. Trust me.

College is a crucial time in one’s life. If you play it right then you can set yourself up for a fulfilling life after you graduate. Unfortunately, College can also be super stressful–emotionally and financially draining.

If you are feeling out of whack, don’t worry I have been there. In college, I wasn’t so healthy. My stress was through the roof. I was literally a full-blown crazy person.

With some help and sheer luck, I found my way! It feels great to write that and I hope that provided you with a bit of hope and inspiration. I know what it is like to balance athletics, papers, and social life when I had little to no time. Being healthy was the furthest thing from my mind.

The future is bright if you want it to be. You can and will thrive.

I didn’t cultivate healthy habits until my senior year. During the first three years of school, I struggled. The angst I felt about the future was debilitating, but eventually, the anxiety faded and yours will too.

Take a deep breath and relax. Focus on your health and everything else will fall into place. Trust me. The future is bright if you want it to be. You can and will thrive.

I have come up with some tips to keep you healthy in the college world and I have also given you some stuff to avoid!

These tips are the College Dos and the College Don’ts to stay healthy so you can thrive! Take a look below. 

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DO stay active as much as you can.

The key to both health and longevity is to keep your body moving. Remember, an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest. I always say there is a difference between exercise and activity. Being active is a bit more fun. Find a physical hobby that you like to do and can do every day:

  • walking
  • hiking
  • biking
  • climbing
  • dancing
  • skating

DON’T beat yourself up for not reaching a goal or not doing well on a paper or exam. 

Stress can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing. When we are stressed out to the max the hormone cortisol goes out of whack. Too much cortisol can increase our chances of diabetes, depression, weight gain, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia.

DO look for help and support from professors, clubs, faith-based communities, and counselors.

We live in a digital age! Take advantage of your local and online resources! There are many non-profit organizations and communities that can help you get your life on track.  Good mental health is key. With all the craziness in the world, you need people you can trust and lean on.

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone to help you get through tough times. And if you think therapy is for the weak, you are wrong therapy is for the strong! The best thing I have ever done in my life was to find a trusted therapist.

Find a therapist here ->

DON’T overdo it!

You are an adult now, you will see all sorts of stimuli. Remember it is your choice to engage in anything you like to engage in (legally). But don’t go overboard! You don’t want to leave school with a debilitating addiction or a life shattering  incident.  Think before you act.

DO drink wisely.

Listen, hangovers are no fun! Always drink one glass or one bottle less than what you think you can. Never Drink and Drive. And when you are out, make sure you are with a trusted friend. BE accountable! When you are over the limit, call and Uber or a Lyft. Having fun doesn’t mean doing something dangerous. Sometimes it is okay being a sober friend.

DON’T lose yourself.

Stick to your guns and be you. College is a great time for self-discovery. Be the person who you want to be. I know you have a lot going for you and you want to make everyone proud, but it starts with you. Make yourself proud first.

DO find balance.

Denzel Washington once said, “If you drink too much water, you will drown.” If you don’t have a journal or a planner, buy one! There are so many types of journals out there that can keep you organized and on schedule.

DON’T fill your body with sugar and high salty snacks.

Don’t get me wrong, chips and donuts are fine, but eat them in moderation. Your body and health will thank you down the long road. Instead of chips and donuts, eat strawberries, nuts, and dried fruit. When I am craving something sweet, I go for a protein or an oat bar.

DO write out a priority list.

Make a list of the most important things in your life. This will help you determine where you should spend your time. Remember you can never get lost time back.

DON’T obsess with losing weight. 

Worrying about the number on the scale causes unnecessary emotional stress and pain. Because of this, I hardly ever weigh myself anymore. I am the biggest health nut I know and numbers do not define me neither does a measure show me how healthy I am. I focus on how my body feels and how food makes me feel. Listen, if you do all the things listed you will be at your desired weight.

DO go to the gym

The gym has something in it for everybody! The reason why I don’t focus on the scale is because I know that health and wellness is a LIFESTYLE not an endpoint. At the gym, you have various resources and you can find your tribe! If you need extra help, I encourage everyone to try group fitness classes and/or personal training. Group fitness coaches and personal trainers will help you build your fitness repertoire. 

DON’T jump headfirst into a fitness regimen or a diet.

The reason why I don’t recommend diving straight into a fitness routine such as body building or crossfit is because, you have to know what you are doing before you begin! Plus, you don’t want to get an injury. Also, before you try a restrictive diet, please research and start slowly.

DO invest in yourself and invest in your wealth. 

If you aren’t following David Ramsey or Michelle Cagan then you are missing out on free financial knowledge! Finance is power! And financial literacy can literally save you from life crushing debt! Learn how to save your money and make an investment that you can see a return on! Be smart. Limit unnecessary credit card spending. Spend your money on shoes or concert tickets. Make the choice and stick with it. 

DON’T allow fear to suppress your ability to live 

Fear is the most insidious feeling and restriction in the world. I like people to face their fears head-on and do it anyway! Don’t allow negative talk and self-sabotage to keep you shrinking with shame or regret. 

DO live fiercely and wonderfully and love yourself compassionately

This my last advice to you! Live well.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Covid-19 for college students

Depending on what state you are in, you are probably doing online classes! The trick here is that taking classes online promotes a lot of sitting and unhealthy snacking. Remember staying active was my first tip! And eating unhealthy was in the Don’t category.

  • #1: Take your computer outside! Get your daily dose of vitamin D
  • #2: Munch on fresh fruit during online sessions
  • #3: Give yourself a break every hour to get up and walk
  • #4: Put your computer’s mic on mute and stretch while your professor is lecturing
  • #5: Commit to doing an outdoor activity at least 3x a week

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