Quick Full Body Workout for Busy People

*You don’t need to spend hours at the gym or at home working out! In fact, you can see results with shorter workouts.*

Do you have a minute for a quick full-body workout?

Give me 15 minutes. Seriously, 15 minutes to workout out your entire body, without weights, and at home! Sounds too good to be true, right? It isn’t.

I designed this quick workout for anyone and everyone who has no time to workout! Also included is a dope Spotify playlist! This playlist is not for children, if you have young ones around you can do this workout without the music. But….music makes exercising more fun.

If you are ready to sweat and workout to bomb music, let’s go! This workout will be QUICK and INTENSE.

For this workout we will be exercising for no longer than 20 minutes. Exercises include: Giant Arm Circles, Sumo Squats, Sprinter Knee Drives, Planks, and Good mornings.

If you don’t know how to do any of these, I got you covered with tips and how-to’s. If you already know how to do these exercises, scroll down to the end of this post and the quick workout is ready to go. 

Okay Friends, let’s get to it! 

Giant Arm Circles 

Arm circles are a great exercise to do for a warm up or cool down! These arm circles will be big!

How to -Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and arms by your sides. Lift your arms to the 90-degree position and bring them down and back up while rotating the shoulder in a 360-degree motion. Make the circle by drawing it with your fingertips.

Sumo Squat 

This is a variation of the standard squat. This squat will target your inner thighs!!!! 

How to- In the standing make sure your feet are about a foot wider than shoulder-width. Your feet will be pointing outside of the toe box. You can place your hands on your hip or you can place your hands behind your head. Lower your body as if you are about to sit on a chair. Shift your weight on the heels and push the glute out as you bend down. Bend at the waist and not at the back. Then come back up slowly while squeezing your glutes. Once you have come to the standing push relax your glutes.

Sprinter Knee drive 

This is an excellent exercise for your hips! This exercise will target your hip muscles and glutes. 

How to– In the lunge position, hinge the hips forward just a tad. Place your left leg back and the right leg forward. Lower your center of gravity to the ground hovering over. Bring your left leg forward and upward while bending at the waist. While the left leg is bending, the right arm comes up at the same time. Then switch bringing the left leg up and the right arm forward. Repeat and then switch sides. 


This is one of the best exercises for your core! Remember the core includes your midsection and your back. 

How to- Place hands on the ground. Hands will be shoulder-width apart, feet are toe touching the ground with heels in the hair. The body is hovering over the ground. Pull the belly button to the spine and bring your hips slightly up. Your hips are parallel to the floor and the head is up. You want to make a line with the top of the head to the heels of your feet.

Good Mornings 

This exercise will be used as  a cool down. This is great for hamstring mobility and strengthening. 

How to– In a wide stance, with hands behind your head, hinge forward at the hips while the foot is planted in the ground. Hinge the hips forward to 90 degrees keeping your head up and your back straight. Engage the quads on the way down. Once you feel a small tinge in the hamstrings come back up slowly. Keep the head up. Repeat. As a cool down, I like doing  good mornings super slow.

❃ Your Full- Body Workout ❃

Level: Intermediate


Arm Circles: 

60 seconds forward 

60 seconds backward 

Working Sets: 

3 exercises, 3 rounds, 7 reps 

Sumo Squat 

Sprinter High Knee Drive 


The playlist: 

For more workout playlist click here.

Cool Down:

Good Mornings– 60 seconds 

Stretch whatever you need to

Fitsavvy’s tip:

  1. Make sure you warm up properly and cool down properly.
  2. If you feel pain, stop!
  3. Do exercises on even ground.
  4. Do as many rounds as you like.

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