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*gut health is an emerging science and it can be difficult to understand in its totality. In this post, I got a chance to chat with Julie Dalton, Fitness Instructor and Synergy Distributor, and Charmi Gandhi Ramchandani habit instructor and weight loss coach*

When you think about your gut? What image pops in your head?

I think about my intestines!

In high school, specifically Health and P.E., we learned that the small intestines absorb nutrients from the food that we eat. The small intestines can also absorb toxins!

The food we eat is critical to our health, but to absorb nutrients properly we must have good gut health! “Having good gut health is not just about eating good food it is a “lifestyle,” Charmi Gandhi Ramchandani explains.

Ramchandani is a Nutrition level 1 Coach and also a fitness (home-based) trainer. While personal training she realized clients needed nutrition. So she made it her duty serving and providing meal guides for the South Asian Community.

One of the biggest myths that she has heard in regards to gut health is you have to stick with an American ‘healthy’ diet. In other words, only eat broccoli and chicken.

“You can lose weight with food that is native to you.” Charmi says while recommending to find a “middle ground” and to “eliminate” things if necessary especially if you are beginning the better gut health journey.

Things to eliminate from your diet:

Ramchandani recommends eliminating dairy (Ghee and Kieffer can stay), skipping out on large meals, working through the fear of food, and getting rid of processed foods.

If you do these things then your gut health can improve! A healthy gut will help regulate blood sugar levels (no spiking here) which results in a healthier weight and more energy!

All Diseases Start in the Gut

Located in a small pocket of your large intestines live microbiomes. These microorganisms are made up of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other living little things.

Sounds kind of gross, but these microorganisms when out of whack can cause “illnesses, gut diseases, inflammation, IBS, build up, and cause your hormones’ to go crazy,” says Julie Dalton, Fitness Trainer and Synergy Distributor.

Julie has been teaching group fitness for over 20 years, and gut-health is her passion.

Interestingly enough, gut health can cause poor mental health. This is why having good gut health isn’t just about food it is about “what we do, what we eat, and how we think”; it is “finding the balance in your lifestyles, such as getting enough sleep and fresh air,” says Julie.

When Food and Sleep isn’t enough

Just about anything can affect your gut including too much exercise warns Dalton. “Too much [strenuous exercise] can cause stress. You have to find balance and determine whether or not you can sustain that type of exercise for long periods of time. It is really about sustainability.”

Good low impact exercises include “Walking, Pilates, and yoga,” adds Dalton. These exercises are known to be joint-friendly. And if you do strenuous workouts incorporate rest days to help you recover.

If you find yourself eating healthy food and still suffer from gut issues, it may be you need “supplements to fill in the gap.” Julie recommends Synergy products and their 21-day detox fix to help clients heal or jump-start better gut health.

Habits + Consistency will heal the guilt

Both Julie and Charmi agree that better gut health takes time, commitment, and strategy. It is okay if you need a coach to help you with your gut. That is what both Synergy and Nutrition coaches are here for.

Little changes also result in big changes. When you eat your next meal, look at your plate. Make sure you have a portion of complex carbs, fats, protein, and fiber. That change will go a long way.

Remember this, make it easy on yourself, “what can you realistically do 4 days a week…weight loss is [not instant]… it takes time there could be a number of reasons why the scale isn’t moving,” Charmi adds.

Nothing worth having will require a quick fix. Sometimes it can take over “two years to heal the gut, but it is worth it,” Dalton assures.

What to do for Better Gut Health

Add good for you fats in your diets such as MCT Oil, Coconut oil, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Avocados

Eat water-based vegetables

Eat more whole and natural foods

Try fermented foods and drink probiotics

Eat food slowly, food will digest better

Destress as much as you can

Use cinnamon and turmeric in your cooking

Get good sleep

Add protein and fiber every meal

Skip out on artificial sweeteners

Go out for fresh air often

Drink your water and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Trade-in your neighborhood walk for a nature walk

*Tips listed are both from Charmi and Julie*

The Takeaway

Better gut health is in arms reach! You don’t have to be an expert to change your life. Remember to take one step and a time and listen to how your body reacts and respond to food and stimuli.

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