Are expensive performance leggings better than their cheaper alternative?

Before I began my career in fitness, I didn’t know performance leggings were a thing. I’ve never thought of spending $100.00 for a pair of leggings. I’m frugal; I don’t care about the brand, but I do want good quality. Now that the pandemic is in full swing, I can’t fathom spending that much money on fitness apparel. But…….

Oftentimes, I find holes in my workout gear (I’m talking to you Old Navy and Ross) after wearing them for a couple of months. This makes me beyond frustrated. I am cautious about spending money on clothing, but you do get what you pay for.

I have bought cheap leggings that were seriously cheap. Those I bought, showed my business and turned white in the crotch area. The worst is when leggings show how much you sweat down there. I think this is called wicking but I still don’t like it. 

I vowed that I would never be the group fitness instructor that wore expensive performance leggings but I caved in. 


Performance leggings make the difference 

I went to Lululemon and Athleta to find a good pair of leggings. At Lululemon, the sales associate explained to me the difference between fashion and performance leggings. Performance leggings move with you while you jump, bend, sweat, and move. She then gave me different leggings to try and different fabrics to feel. Some felt great and others I could tell my skin and body did not like them. 

At Athleta, I tried on every single legging they had in their arsenal. I am usually a size Large but in their store I am Small. The reason why is because leggings are supposed to stay on your bum. If they keep sliding down then they are too big for you! I didn’t know that. After trying on so many pairs of leggings, I realized that maybe expensive leggings were the way to go. 

How much I have paid for a pair of leggings

I purchased one pair of leggings from Athleta that were $69.00 dollars, they were okay and I also purchased a pair from Fabletics for about $39.00. But the kicker is to get cheaper leggings from Fabletics you do have to sign up for their monthly membership….ugh not good enough Fabletics.

For me, I considered this cost expensive because I was used to spending only $14.00 for a pair of performance leggings! 

Before, I thought spending a lot of money on leggings was absurd, but now, a pair of Lululemon leggings may be something I want to invest in. According to Glamour magazine, In 2017, the average cost of a pair of leggings from Lululemon was $101.80. And the people who I have talked to swear up and down that they can get 5 years of wear with an expensive pair of leggings than their cheaper alternatives. There are other fitness brands that also sell fashion performance leggings. but none of them beat the price of this:

In conclusion,

I don’t think I would want to spend over $60.00 on a pair of tights again. In fact, I find more people heading towards a cheaper version of the top legging brands. I would love for a brand to be in the middle. How much are you willing to spend on a pair of performance leggings?

Updated on 2/21/2021 

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