Finding Pieces of Joy in a World of a Chaos

*I haven’t posted in over a week. Sorry about that! I have been super busy and I have switched from Bluehost to Lyricalhost for web hosting! My goal is to make Fitsavvy the best website for you all as possible. The next few months there will be some changes to this blog!! Stay tuned* 

Hello, everyone! Happy Saturday, 

I took a little time off the blog due to a couple of reasons. First things first, I switched my website’s hosting to Lyrical host! 2nd thing, I have been writing a ton for other companies and lastly, the insane presidential elections!!!!! Whew, it was a crazy election and 2020 has been everything but sane. 

I’m not sure when we will be able to relax, but hopefully in the next few years we can look back at 2020 and say, “We made it!” 

In less than two months, 2021 will be here and I am committed to protecting my peace and staying calm as possible. Staying calm hasn’t been easy for me, it has been indeed challenging right now (oh, these times). 

I totally understand how gloomy and scary this year has been. And staying calm in the midst of such chaos and destruction hasn’t been easy. My therapist has encouraged me to find creative ways to continue ‘the flow’ and has challenged me to find little pieces of joy in my everyday experiences. 

Finding pieces of joy 

Now keep in mind staying calm and finding joy, doesn’t mean living in a plastic illusion. It means recognizing what is there, accepting things that can’t be changed, and releasing blocks that need to be changed

While you are doing all that work, find small things that make you happy, even if you feel like happiness is the last thing you feel. If you look between the crevices you will find the happiness wedged in. 

Finding a little piece of joy means surrendering your temperament to gratitude and the universe’s promise. At least that is how I understand it.  Instead of raging, you are thankful for the many lessons (know matter how hard) you have learned this year and years in passing. 

“There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons”-

Denis Waitley

While you are expressing your gratitude, you are doing stuff that feels good and makes you happy. Self-care moments, pleasurable tidbits, relaxing things, and peaceful mantras are all things that will help you find joy on top of things that you already do. 

The Raging Machine

Right now, domineering opinions and emotional outburst are dominating social media, I can literally feel the emotional energy charging from everyone. This emotional energy is nothing new, it is intense and it is visible, but it is something that has been there for a long time, but now we see it more and more. 

As the tide changes, many are hoping for change, new beginnings, and maybe there is hope for going back to normal. But what if normal doesn’t come? How do you find pieces of joy if you are still holding out for the past? 

Let it Go 

Sigh…..letting go is such a hard task….I’m going to be honest, I hate change. I hate letting go of things I don’t want to let go of. Although, it is necessary and sometimes imperative to let some stuff go. I haven’t been the most successful with this practice. 

My struggle with letting go has been a never ending battle. It is something that I can’t really explain. Some people can’t let go easily, I can’t! My mind is constantly bringing up the past version of myself, and that version isn’t pretty. On top of that, I have a difficulty letting go of people who don’t add value in my life and I can get stuck in an unfulfilling routine.

I’m always looking to revive and rev up old relationships and friendships long after they have expired. I have been trying my best to let things go and let things be.

The thing about digging up the past is it can be used for healing, but if you are digging up the past to rekindle a relationship or to come to terms with a relationship’s close then you may be  putting off your healing.

But sometimes closure is not for you.…

Here is the thing, somethings are better left unsaid! Honest question, how can you find joy if you keep going back! Nothing you can do can undo what was done. Harping on that reality will steal your future’s joy. 

What else steals joy? 

Raging and debating on social media. I know, I know, it is difficult to not get triggered when someone has posted or tweeted  something ignorant or offensive, you want to set the record straight, but they are literally not listening. 

All the energy you have used up arguing and bickering with walls could have been used in more productive ways. 

Life is too short 

2020 has brought me closer to death.

I have had many relatives die this year, young and old, from both disease and violence. This pandemic has brought death to the forefront: many people are grappling over their loved ones premature passing. Our favorite celebrities who have impacted our lives have passed away too leaving beautiful and fulfilling legacies. Which makes me consider our beautiful life really is. 

Furthermore, we should never be afraid of death nor should we resent it. It  is part of life’s journey, we should embrace it by embracing life. 

For me personally, I refused to allow anything to steal my joy and my creativity. We don’t have long on this earth  so we must show up and be the best version of ourselves. Live like no one is watching and find the joy that makes you live fiercely

You deserve joy in every aspect of your life, 


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