How Good are Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Protein Patties

*If you are looking for an alternative for turkey burgers then you have to try these patties!* 

Turkeyless protein patties are here! What are turkeyless protein patties exactly? They are plant-based burgers that taste like turkey burgers.

These vegan patties contain 23 grams per serving! They also contain a good amount of iron and a decent amount of fiber.

Plant-based burgers are the biggest food creation in recent times. With Beyond Meat and Impossible burger leading the way, Trader Joe’s has also decided to cash in on the fun.

In the summer of 2020, Trader Joe’s released these patties after the release of the original protein patty. You can buy these patties at Trader Joe’s in the vegetarian/vegan section.

Are plant-based burgers healthy…?

Not exactly. Plant-based burgers contain many added ingredients and fillers. These creations are best to eat in moderation. When picking plant-based meats, read the labels. Some plant-based burgers are made with minimal ingredients while others are highly processed.

Turkeyless Protein Patties Review

Trader Joe’s is the first to make a poultry alternative. I give them props for their innovation. However, this patty is missing flavor. If you cook turkey burgers regularly you know that poultry needs seasonings!

All in all, it was a decent patty. They are perfect for meatless Mondays and any other day of the week. Keep Reading for the full review and check out the YouTube video below!


Price: $4.89 for 2 patties

Taste: Airy and savory  

Texture: fleshy, soft, malleable 


These patties need more love–they need more seasonings, like way more seasonings. These patties taste better in a sandwich than they do on their own. 

Turkeyless Patty Review on YouTube:

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