Losing weight with intermittent fasting and strength training

*What got me back on track with my health and wellness journey: intermittent fasting, running, and strength training*

Fit and Savvy Mommy Blog Series 1.1

I just wanted to share some of my journey over the last 1.5 years. I sympathize with the weight gain that comes from a change in hormones and life circumstances. After stopping breastfeeding, moving, and life I gained 25 lbs in one year. I am totally sure that some of that weight came from unbalanced hormones. I have always been active, even when I was fluffier. I was also PROBABLY eating more than I should have. 

I took control by adding intermittent fasting to my life. The IF, plus running, plus strength training, helped sculpt my body. I just added yoga this year. 

I am 40 yrs old. I had kids at 33 and 36. My last child was via C-section. I breastfed both kids for 2 years. So I totally get the struggle, the sleep deprivation, and juggling needy humans. I’m showing the pics bc I know what’s possible with consistent effort. Even when the results aren’t immediate

Stick with it,

LQ from www.burbnbougie.com

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I was born and raised in a small town outside of Oklahoma City, called Spencer. I’m a heathen; I am pretty and I cuss. I think lip gloss/lipstick and cute colored clothes belong in a workout. Most days you will see something fitness or health related. I’m a stay at home mom who workouts everyday. Fun fact about me: I was once a personal trainer, I hate poor grammar, I hate long run on paragraphs and cap locking. My goal is to create a space for black women to fit, healthy, and stress free.

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