5 simple yet effective tips for new moms

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Hey, new moms, if you are struggling around the house, I got some tips that will save you time and save you time and yourself!

Back in the day, early in mommyhood, I would wake up early, clean up real good, just to watch my child destroy everything in 5 mins! Aggravating.

I did this everyday. It was truly a cycle. Even after two kids who always managed to tear the place up, I would make sure to clean (Spic & Span) before leaving or before I did anything. 

One beautiful summer day, I said, “Forget this.” 

The cleaning can wait. You know what I did instead? I took the kids to the park. Life was perfectly fine even though I left the apartment a bit messy. And the best part was we enjoyed the day.

That was my Aha moment. I didn’t have to stress over such minuscule things. I learned to let go and be a bit more carefree. In return, I created a more peaceful home. In today’s post, I’m going to give all the new moms out there 5 tips on how to let your hair down just a little. 

Tip #1 The  house cleaning can wait 

Your kids won’t be tiny forever! As soon as you know they are going to be teenagers. UGH. I’m not ready. Needless to say, cherish the moments and the experience that you have with your little people. You don’t always have to stress over the cleaning. This is not to say that you should allow your place to look like you’ve given up. I’m just saying that washed dishes and a clean toilet is enough of a pass to get going for the day. 

Tip #2 Give your kids a space

Find a room or space to just give the kids! Here is the kicker, you can’t worry about the mess! My kids have taken over our front room. They have ‘the big tv’. That is where their toys and supplies are. I seriously don’t care. I pick up a bit and grab the dishes, but I’ve released myself from stressing over picking up their toys. The key is to make sure they don’t encroach on other spaces. Give them one space other than their bedrooms and that is it! 

Tip #3 Don’t holler about small spills and simple mistakes.

Kids make messes. This is life. We all know this, but it is very difficult for us to grasp this concept. Since they were small I always allow myself to make peace with their messes. I say to myself and to them, “It is okay. It was an accident. Let’s just clean it up together.”

This makes me calm and at peace. I highly recommend every new mom to practice this!

What this has taught my kids is that small things can be overcome. And they come to me when something happens vs hiding their mistakes. It builds trust and confidence; I’m teaching my kiddos that they can trust me with mistakes or accidents. I want them to know they can always come to me.

Tip #4  Find an hour and dedicated to yourself. 

Find time for you!!!!! Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup!!! I’m going to say this forever until it finally sticks. Your hour may be before the kids wake up. It might be before they go to bed, just find some time. I want all the new moms to know that mommyhood requires soooo much of you.

You have to find a way to pour into yourself. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t an escape, this is to recharge so you can own the day.

For me, I commune with nature as meditation. When it’s cold, I exercise inside doing strength training, yoga, and treadmill work. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing I just commit my time doing me. 

Tip #5  Buy things for yourself without feeling guilty 

My family is on budget. However, I still find small ways to treat myself. Sometimes, I buy lip gloss or some chocolate or some running shoes. I don’t look at the price, but I make sure what I buy adds value to my life. Lip gloss makes me feel pretty. I buy chocolate because it is a special goodie to me. And running shoes? I like to run. I like having cute workout clothes and will treat myself with a bright shirt or tank! We always take care of the kids. Remember mama, you are worth it!!

Take care new mommy, 


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