Healthy and Cheap food for my pandemic pantry

Finding healthy and cheap food is super difficult. 

In the midst of a pandemic, you don’t want healthy food. You want something comforting and easy and not to mention CHEAP. Healthy food can be cheap and get you through this pandemic! 

Here is a list of both healthy and cheap food that are making things a bit easier. 

*All prices are subject to change depending on the season, availability, store, and environment. These prices are for 2021 currently.*

Whole Organic Brown Eggs

2.99 at Trader Joe’s

I eat eggs every morning. There is contradicting research that says eggs are bad for you or good for you, but I’m still alive and kicking. But eggs pack powerhouse nutrients such as luetin and zeaxanthin. 

Sprouted Grain Bread

3.99 at Wholes Food 

This loaf of bread looks expensive at first glance, but if you consider that it is organic, with few ingredients, and sprouted this is a great bang for your buck!

I slather nut butters on this bread and avocados for a yummy snack or breakfast. 

Sourdough Loaf

Harris teeter (prices varies about less than $4.00 per loaf)

Sourdough bread is actually good for your gut! I usually buy sourdough bread from Harris Teeter or if I’m feeling fancy I will buy from a bakery. Use Sourdough to make toast, sandwiches, and enjoy with delicious soups. 


Price varies but I find they are cheapest at Food Lion and Sprouts (.50-1.25)

Avocado prices vary, but I found both Food Lion and Sprouts offer great prices on their delicious avocados. I spend about a dollar per avocado. Some days I only spend 50 cents. The good thing about avocados is that they are high in good-for-you fat. 

Did you know? 

According to Time magazine,  Americans were spending an average of 6.78 on Avocado toast in 2017


Make your own!!! I will be posting some super easy and delicious Avocado toast soon! 

Campari tomatoes

You can find these for a pretty good price at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Walmart and Target (2.99)

I am so gracious that I live next to a farm. During summer, I can get organic farm fresh tomatoes super cheap. During the colder months tomatoes just don’t taste as good, however Campari tomatoes taste good all year long!  I spend about 2.99. No matter where you go, these tomatoes are yummy! 

Add tomatoes with eggs for a burst of flavor. 

Sam Choice Turkey Bacon*

2.94 at Walmart

I don’t eat poultry but my sister does! Sam Choice Turkey Bacon is nitrate free and contains less salt than the leading Turkey Bacon brand. If you buy this bacon make sure you eat this in moderation! Turkey Bacon is a great substitute for pork and beef bacon. If you are looking to cut read meat out of your diet, try this! 

Smart lyfe Vegan Bacon

3.49 at Sprouts and 2.99 at Food lion

This is the best vegan bacon on the market. It is cheaper and tastes better than Sweet Earth bacon. I eat it with toast or use it with a sandwich. I also add it to pasta sauces to make the sauce more flavorful. 

Fresh Spinach

.99 cents per pound at Food Lion

You can’t go wrong with some fresh spinach! Spinach is high in Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folate. You can use fresh spinach in salads, in smoothies, and you can saute some for a magnificent side dish. 

Navel Oranges and Bananas 


Although the price of navel oranges has been on the increase, it is still relatively cheap. In fact both bananas and oranges are the cheapest fruits you can buy! And the cool thing is they come in their own wrappers. I eat an orange or a banana almost every day. 

Bananas are very versatile. You can use them for a sweetener (added in vegan and gluten-free baking) and you can use them to make breads, muffins, and cakes and you can add them in smoothies for a thicker and natural sweetened taste. 

Planet Oat Milk 

I am so happy that I discovered oat milk! You can make this on your own or you can buy from the store! My favorite brands of oat milk are 365 Whole Foods Market and Planet Oat. Planet Oat milk is cheaper and it is the best tasting brand in my opinion.

Veggie and Chicken stock 

Organic low sodium or unsalted less than 4.00. Regular veggie stock less than 2.99

It is the winter time, so at my house, soups are the staple! I use veggie stock for almost everything! Make sure that you get low sodium stock, because some broths/stocks can contain a tremendous amount of sodium!!!! 

Stocks are not just for soups. You can add stocks to sauces and marinades. I find that purchasing food broths and stock is relatively cheap, but you can always make your own.


Cheap every where can be expensive depending on the brand

I know pasta is considered a ‘bad carb’ but we got to be honest with ourselves. Pasta is an expensive food to make and you can add veggies or lean meats (if you eat meat) to make it healthy. All you gotta do is lay low on the butter and the cream and you are good.

If you want to buy the expensive pasta brand you can.

Fitsavvy’s tip: During the pandemic make sure you stay active as much as possible. Try this quick 15 minute workout to keep in shape.

Canned tomatoes 32oz

Buy a 32oz can instead of a 28 or 16oz can to save money whatever you don’t use.

At my house, we always buy plum canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes are an excellent source of super antioxidant lycopene. To save some change, buy the store brand!!! You can add canned tomatoes to basically anything to make stews and sauces richer and earthy.


Publix 1lb (less than 1.00)

Carrots are a staple at my house! Forreal. I love carrots and I love that you can bake them, sautee them and roast them! Carrots can either be sweet or savory. And it is awesome that I can get these veggies for seriously cheap food.

Carrots are a home favorite staple during the pandemic and pre-pandemic.

Healthy and Cheap Food Honorable mentions

Yukon potatoes

Canned tuna*


Whole Chicken*

Sweet Potatoes

Winter Squashes

*Foods marked are from animal products*

What are some cheap and healthy foods that you have in your pandemic pantry?

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