Crush your group fitness audition with this advice

I started in the boutique fitness world with no group fitness experience! I also crushed my group fitness audition with being the least qualified candidate. Back then I was the coach that had the most personality. I was completely myself unabashed and unafraid. 

Most people will tell you when you are going for a dream job, you need credentials, experience, and a killer resume. All I had was a hope and a prayer! And I was still able to SMASH every single group fitness audition I have ever had with being the LEAST QUALIFIED.

I have only been in the industry for a little over a year and out of 4 auditions I have gotten every single one of them; 3 boutiques and 1 hot-box gym.

In today’s post, I’m going to give you 8 tips to help you ace your audition. You don’t have to be nervous (if you are, that is okay), you just have to be yourself!!!

Before we get started, grab a pen to take some notes. I’m also going to include the youtube video that goes along with this post! Got your pen? Alright let’s get started. 

Be Yourself.

As a group fitness instructor you need personality! Be authentically you! It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, there is something about you that has a passion for fitness. Why else would you be auditioning? You know you can help people get in shape and love exercise. Use all of that passion in your audition. If you have a sense of humor, show them! I can’t tell you how many times I have made other instructors and bosses laugh out loud.

Group fitness auditions can be scary, If you are nervous, remember this little nugget, they would not have asked you to audition if they didn’t think you had potential! In my beginning days I was a very nervous instructor, but my team gave me the confidence to be myself and that made me comfortable in myself and my abilities.

 (Watch the video below for my experience with my first audition) 

Know who you are auditioning for 

Funny story, before I started coaching at Row House. I had know idea who they were. I thought they were Soulcycle!!!! SMH. I told the owners that during an interview I mixed them up with another studio(Don’t do this)! Fortunately, they took my mistake in stride. This could have bit me in the butt, but I owned!!! To avoid doing what I did, research the company! Make sure you know who you are auditioning for!

Find out the companies values and what they are all about available on any companies website. Know the specific certifications that you need to work for them. Some studios may not require a particular cert and others may. It is your job to find this information out! Here is an extra tip, follow them on their social media accounts and attend at least one of their classes! Get a feel for what they are all about! This will help you see if you are compatible with them. 

Make sure you have the right group fitness certification 

You really need to know what type of certification you need to coach! This is a no brainer! I have a national group certification. I basically can teach anywhere, BUT I have to get additional certifications to teach certain types of group fitness formats such as cycling, kickboxing, step ups, etc. Some studios/gyms will want you to have a national certification and then they will train you. Other gyms may be fine with you only having a personal training certification.

Each gym has different requirements so it is important that you do your homework before your audition! I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t have the right certification let them know that you are currently working on getting them! 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

Make sure you are practicing! This is a fantastic time to start (if you haven’t already) a social media platform. You can practice by just going live on your social media accounts in front of your friends and family doing push ups or situps.  This is how I got started and gained my unconventional fitness experience and confidence. I posted weekly videos of me working out and from there communities and churches reached out to me! With the videos did come critiques and downright rude comments. In the fitness industry you must develop thick skin; you cannot let rude comments deter you! And if you think that the market is oversaturated you couldn’t be more wrong! Everybody is looking for trainers and coaches, trust! 

But what if I don’t want to go live? 

If you don’t want to go live, start making videos and editing your content before you post! Practicing like this is what I call real world practice. Real world practice is better than practicing in front of a mirror because you have the chance to get real world feedback. Connect with your audience and the camera when you make videos! 

Guaranteed Audition A+ tip: When you audition in front of your future bosses and managers pretend there are people doing your class! Walk up to the imaginary people, give them praise and give them cues! 

Microphone voice (Finding your voice) 

When I first started in the fitness industry I thought my voice was golden! But it turned out that I was yelling all the time!!! Omg, talk about embarrassing. Nobody wants to be yelled at unless they specifically ask you to yell at them. If you have a loud voice remember the microphone is going to make your voice travel, you don’t need to yell to get your cues across! Don’t ever compete with the music. If the music is loud, let the music play out, your clients need to FEEL the music let them feel it. 

If you have a quieter voice, this is a great time to practice your inflections and practice using your belly voice! The deeper voice you have the better, so if you are a lady who is worried about a deep raspy voice, use it to your advantage!  

Guaranteed Audition A+: If you have access to a microphone practice using your voice or practice in front of the mirror. I practice different voices all the time in the mirror. I begin doing this after taking an acting class. 

Feel the music/music mapping

Music is my bread and butter! The reason why my group fitness classes are full is because of the music I choose! Not only do I feel the music, I know the music! What do I mean by that is that I know when the best drops, when the chorus comes in, and when the music solo begins. If you can count music this is even better, this gives you an advantage. USE IT. When the music drops, that is when the intensity of the workout beefs up! 

If you are providing your own music pick music that speaks to you and speaks to a diverse audience! This is so important. There are many coaches I know who play the same music day in and day out. If you only play music that you like, you are missing out on connecting with your clients. Music gets people in the door. 

Guaranteed Audition A+ tip: In some cases music will be provided for you. Make sure you pay attention when they give out an example. Also, try to be the third person to audition just so you can see where people mess up at! 

Cues, Techniques, & Transitions 

Cues and Techniques: 

Remember when I said that music gets people in the door? Well also remember that it won’t keep people in the door. You’re an instructor and you are required to coach. If you aren’t good at music, this is where you can really shine! There are many different types of cues when you are coaching group fitness. I mostly do general motivational cues and general technical cues where I address the entire class. In my audition, I stuck with general cues.

For motivation cues I will say something like, “You guys are crushing, oh my goodness.” For technical cues, I will say something like that, “Engage your core by pulling your belly button to your spine.”  Sometimes I do give technical cues for individuals but not all the time! There are 4-5 basic exercises that you need to know how to perform them, how to coach them and how to cue them. They are: 

  • Push ups (any type) 
  • Walkouts 
  • Planks 
  • Squats 
  • Reverse Lunges (In my videos I said curls) 

Know these exercises, their modifications (regressions) and progressions. If you know these well enough you can throw this skill in your audition. When it comes to transitions, you may not have to know this when you are in your audition, but at top-level boutiques they want you to be able to have transitions down pat! Be able to coach people who are different machines at a time, people transition to the next machine etc. I will have a post specifically about transitions in the upcoming month. 

Most importantly when it comes to your group fitness audition….have fun.

My sister gave me this tip! It is pretty self-explanatory but sometimes we have to be reminded to have fun! 

I wish you the best with your group fitness audition, you got this, 


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