My children really make me proud

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Before I became a mom; before I even met my husband, I knew I wanted to be a hands on mom. I never envisioned being a stay at home mom, but maybe just having a part time job with flexible hours. 

After college, I worked some crazy long hours and spent a good chunk of time in traffic. I often wondered how families pulled this off. How do they have quality time with each other, deal with the needs of home, AND take care of themselves. This is when I decided I wanted to just work part time. I knew in my 20’s that this is how I wanted to live my life. 

Fast forward to today, I’m at home taking care of the kiddos, 4 yr old Chrissy and 6 yr old Jeremiah. I’m beyond thankful that I made this decision to stay at home early on. My children have spent their entire formative years with me and I proud of their growth and how I have raised them.

This isn’t to say that I’ve raised them in a cocoon, but it’s certainly to say that I have raised them in a safe space to bloom.

What I do rubs off on my children

Children learn best in low stress and safe environments. I feel that we have provided that. I have carefully created a lifestyle that allows my kids to develop interests specific to them!!!! This is key for Chrissy’s and Jeremiah’s confidence.  

I see myself reflected in them. I know, even without looking up the science behind it that children are sponges. They literally mirror everything you do. This is why modeling good behaviors is clutch.

I am in a mom group and one post brought should parents cuss in front of their kids. I responded to the post that I don’t curse or use inappropriate language. I’ve seen too many instances where kids and teens are using words and terms that make me as an adult blush! 

I have seen my kids say stuff that comes from, and it is “good stuff”. For me that makes me smile (on the inside I’m beaming by the way). They are mirrors so everything they do, they say, and model that is a direct reflection of me.  

My children are into fitness just like their mom this makes me proud

Fitness is near and dear to me, I was a personal trainer before becoming a stay at home mom. It makes me happy that my kids are seeing fitness and exercise in a positive light.

I’m teaching them how to integrate fitness into their young lives, and it is humorous to say the least. They are absorbing that lifestyle so they don’t see it as a chore or an obligation, they are fascinated and intrigued, so they see it as fun. By teaching them, it makes me a better teacher, more patient and more understanding. My children have bright personalities and they are just like their mama! 

How it all ties in

I have a thing for coffee, I drink it every day. I used to go to Starbucks often with my first born. So, he has been my “drinking partner” for awhile. I laugh seeing my kids workout or drink my drinks and say phrases I say. It shows me their full personalities and it is cool to see my personality mesh with theirs. Both Chrissy and Jeremiah have very distinct and strong taste buds  just like their mama. 

The cool thing about being a stay at home, is giving them the space and opportunity to grow. The fact that they take some of me is a bonus. 

Have a great Sunday,


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