GT’s Aqua Kefir is refreshing and different

GT has many different flavors of Kombucha, but recently they released their new drink Aqua Kefir. This new drink is hot on the market and if you like their Kombucha you must try their take on Kefir.

I am a big GT Kombucha fan. In fact, I have been drinking their fermented beverage since I was a teenager in high school in 2010! I was decades ahead of the trend. When Kombucha first came out it was super strong! So strong in fact, their drink had to be recalled because it’s BAC was too high! Now their drink has mild out a bit and if you still think Kombucha is too drink, I urge you to try their Kefir or maybe another probiotic sparkling beverage.

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Swap GT’s Strong Kombucha for their Mellow Aqua Kefir

Even with the addition of sweeter flavors and different brands, Kombucha is still considered an acquired taste. In the past few years, Kombucha has exploded in popularity. New and iconic companies want their hands on this stuff and people at home are brewing up their own batches and sharing them with their neighbors and friends.

Kombucha’s popularity can be attributed to its bold health claims. Personally, I feel Kombucha is good for your gut; it contains a high level of probiotics, yeast, and and healthy bacteria cultures. I love Kombucha, but not everyone feels the same way.

Kombuch can be awfully strong or downright nasty, especially for those trying for the first time. Food and Brewing companies have noticed Kombucha is not well received outside the hipster community. So many corporations are developing probiotic drinks that have the same benefits but a milder flavor hint hint— Aqua Kefir.

GT’s Aqua Kefir at a glance


GT’s Aqua Kefir comes in six flavors:

  • pomegranate
  • coconut lime
  • pear ginger
  • peach pineapple.
  • orange peach mango
  • pink grapefruit

I went with the coconut lime because it is low in calories (40) and low in sugar. The coconut lime has 1 gram of sugar per serving!

Does Aqua Kefir contain health benefits?

Kefir is a fermented drink (usually from cow’s milk) it is best known for is healthy gut bacteria. Kefir is said to have many health benefits. I picked this drink because I wanted to find a good substitute to get my healthy bacteria in! I’m trying to go dairy-free and I need to find dairy-free alternatives that can still get me the same benefits as it’s dairy counterpart.

The Taste

Okay, so… I know I give positive reviews, but this is another stellar crafted beverage. The flavor of this kefir is lite and airy, just the way I like it! It isn’t as strong as sparkling water and it doesn’t have a harsh hit of bubbles. The coconut flavor shines through (I love coconut by the way). I couldn’t taste the lime as much as the coconut. The lime flavor tasted a tad bit artificial.

The price

I am not sure what the retail value is, but at Sprouts and other participating grocery stores it is about $3.99 per bottle. I got mine on sale for $2.50. This product is said to be organic, made from organic cane sugar, and it contains about 1 billion active cultures/bacteria (maybe that is why it is pricey). I have spent money on Kombucha, but I have also been cutting back on spending. I don’t know if I would buy this everyday but from time to time I would buy it.

The Verdict

All in all, I trust GT’s brand and the company. Their products are high quality and are crafted well. I would buy this again, because I truly believe in their message and their commitment to spread love and beverages that help your body instead of hurt your body. I would buy again and I am a loyal customer!

Thank you Kombucha for providing me drinks that quench my thirst,


Post updated 3/1/2021

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