Workout Guides

Beginners Workout Guides
for people new in fitness

Beginners Workout Guides for people new in fitness

The 14 day starter GUide

The 14 day starter is the only true beginners workout Guide out there.

– Dope Spotify Playlist
– Over 21 instructional videos
– Affirmations
– Calendar

30 Day Deluxe

We are going to build your entire fitness foundation with the 30 day Deluxe. Give me 30 days of commitment and I’ll give you 30 days of motivation.

The workout Ebook was awesome. It was easy to understand and challenging at the same time. I loved that it showed real examples of how to do each workout. This  workout plan is great for beginners as well as the more experienced fitness person. A great Ebook to add to your fitness library. I loved it. Thanks.

Lucille G

I am a couch potato. Like many of us, I vow to take better care of myself, but when it comes to execution, welllll, the devil is in the details, right? The 14 Day Starter Pack was one of the few exercise programs I was able to stick to until the end. The exercises made snes in how they were grouped, they weren’t overwhelming for newbies, and it included an awesome soundtrack on Spotify. If you are starting, or starting again, your fitness journey but not sure where to start, I highly recommend this ebook. 

Natasha O.

Customer Support Specialist

The workout I received from Vianka Cotton was the specific fit for my needs. The dynamic workout combined stretching and strength  training into movements easily done in a gym or my home. Even though the workout was shorter in time, I felt I was still able to hit my heart rate targets and burn over 500 calories per workout. The variety of exercises and coordinated dates allow me to not feel bored or mundane. Overall it was a great workout plan and was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my workout after a long period of being stationary 

Marcus G

Grant Writer and Lawyer

I am definitely a person who doesn’t always love to workout! Although I never regret it, sometimes it takes me a little push to get excited and going. Vianka is a fitness coach who can do just that. Her energy is contagious and she has the ability to make you “leave it at the door”! She’s forever encouraging and pushes you to be your best self! I recommend her to all my friends!

Jasmine B


Coach V is one of the best Trainers in the Southeast Region. Due to her charisma and positive influence in the Fitness&Health industry.

I admit I’m one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to watch Coach V grow into a Health&Fitness Professional

Helping people live a healthier way of life is Coach V’s motto.

Natasha M

Personal Trainer and Juice Shop owner in Indianapolis